5G Technology is Coming to Town (and has already landed in others)
by Citizens for 5G Awareness

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These are called “small cells.” The 4-foot cylinder at the top contains cell antennas that emit pulsed modulated radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF radiation), while the large metal box near the bottom contains a host of equipment. Hundreds of these have been placed on new and existing utility poles throughout Long Island, NY and elsewhere, in an effort to roll out 5G.

What is 5G?

It is fifth-generation wireless broadband technology promising to bring us faster internet speeds, driverless cars as well as the connection of everything from dryers to a data grid. 5G is therefore, a provision of valuable information for advertisers and governments for data mining – an $11 trillion industry.

What’s the COST of 5G?

Property Values – The realtor industry has already documented property devaluation due to cell towers near homes. 94% of people say they don’t want to live near cell towers. In some areas with new towers, property values have decreased by up to 20%!

Aesthetics – These extremely tall poles are most often placed directly beside resident homes. These unsightly poles, cylinders and boxes are invading our neighborhoods. In some Long Island neighborhoods, 4 or 5 of these unappealing small cells can be spotted a few blocks apart. More are coming!

Health – In 2011, the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency electromagnetic fields as a group 2B carcinogen, in the same category as lead and DDT. Thousands of peerreviewed studies have demonstrated the link between wireless technology and adverse biological health effects. In early 2018, both the US National Toxicology Program, Ramazzini Institute and the Bioinitiative Report found a direct link between radio frequency radiation and increases in serious cancers including gliomas (brain cancer) and schwannomas (tumors) of the heart.

Invading Our Personal Spaces – 5G antennas are being placed very close to where families and small children play, live and sleep. They emit pulsed modulated radiofrequency microwave radiation (RF radiation) into our homes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—whether we like it or not. The radiation is inside the walls of our homes. It is out of our control. We can never shut it down.

Is 5G more of a concern than 4G?

The emissions from both are of great concern. The 4G networks of today use frequencies less than or equal to 6 GHz. By comparison, the new 5G that is coming will utilize extremely high frequencies in the 25 GHz to 90 GHz range. Long-term exposure to these higher frequencies has never been tested, although exposure to the lower frequencies of 3G and 4G have been associated with cancer, immune dysfunction, infertility, altered brain development, sleep and memory disturbances, and many other adverse health effects. Vulnerable populations who are especially at risk include pregnant women, babies and children, the elderly, the electro-sensitive, and immunecompromised.

What can we do?

1. Contact your local representatives and tell them:

• We do NOT want small cell antennas near our homes.

• We do NOT want an untested roll-out of the 5G network.

In NY and Long Island:

Huntington Town Supervisor
Chad Lupinacci: (631) 351-3000

Steve Stern: (631) 271-8025

Carl Marcellino: (516) 922-1811

Tom Suozzi: (631) 923-4100

Kristen Gillibrand: (631) 249-2825

Charles E. Schumer: (631) 753-0978

2. We need to raise awareness. Go to local town meetings and voice your concerns. If these are already in your neighborhood, point them out to people and start aconversation. Talk with everyone you know about this and do your own research to educate yourself. Begin with the Environmental Health Trust a scientific, informative and detailed website.

3. Join our Citizens For 5G Awareness group on Facebook to get updates and contact us at dtpevansara@optonline.net to be added to our 5G activist mailing list.


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YouTube Videos ~ Radiation Measurements near small cells:

2 minutes: In and outside a home: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=shOhGH01Z2Y

4 minutes: In a park near a small cell: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=TqLgE8r7bnI

4 minutes: Driving around a neighborhood: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=082sA_w5U20

Dafna Takeover and Senator Patrick Colbeck explain: What is 5G?

10 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=2GUlonBkD1M

Citizens for 5G Awareness are a local activist group working to bring awareness to the issue of 5G and the dangers of living in a home within close proximity to cell antennas. The group formed after the Town of Huntington, NY quietly signed a contract in 2016, allowing Crown Castle to place cell antennas on new and existing utility poles on the right-of-ways outside of resident homes.

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