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The Law of Paradoxical Intent
by Sandra Anne Taylor • Westlake, OH

The quantum field is just another label for the field of pure consciousness or pure potentiality. And this quantum field is influenced by intention and desire." ~ Deepak Chopra

The Law of Paradoxical Intent reflects the Law of Magnetism in warning that you'll only get a return of your own negative energy. If you're desperate to make something happen, that repulsive vibration will push it away, turning away the very people and situations that might bring your desired outcome. Your desperation, therefore, creates the paradox-or the opposite-of your original intention, leading you to failure instead of success.

The Universe wants you to achieve all that you desire, and when you align yourself with the Laws of Success, it will do everything in its power to help you on your way-but desperation and urgency are deal breakers. This isn't because the Universe wants to prolong your yearning. In fact, just the opposite is true: It wants you to enjoy your life and engage in a different, higher vibration now-and stop waiting for some vague happiness to come in the distant future. The best energy happens when you let go of urgency and engage in trust, when you rid yourself of despair and choose peace in the present instead.

You simply can't be happy when you're living in dissatisfaction. When you're obsessed with what you don't have, you draw even more lack; you forego present contentment by setting up a list of goals that you have to have in order to be happy in the future. In fact, until you have those things, you feel a nagging sense of unhappiness. You feel as though something's missing, and you can't relax until you fill that void. Instead of enjoying your life and valuing what you have, you spend your time longing for more and constantly striving to get it.

This is a very serious mistake where the laws of energy and consciousness are concerned. When you give away today's happiness to embrace misery about tomorrow's uncertainty, you shut down your willingness to receive. You shift from a mentality of appreciation to a consciousness of lack and need-and when you make that choice, you lose your power to succeed. This is true for all types of relationships and experiences, but it is especially true for romance. Love is a river of vibrations that moves through the Universe and through every heart in it. In fact, there are nearly 80 million singles in America alone, all of them hoping to connect in some way or another.

This is no light matter. What happens when you filter everything you have through wanting something else? You set yourself up for failure by projecting a very unattractive energy of misery. Your need for something else to make you happy will always cause you to perceive your present situation as just not good enough. Think about the feelings that come from obsessing about what's wrong with your life. Despair, grief, and longing are highly charged emotions, and they attract very difficult results. This abrasive energy is what sabotages your success. It's an irresistible force, and there's no way to get around the power of this law. If you pump out a broadcast of despair, your efforts will only draw back desperate situations and deeper feelings of hopelessness.

The inescapable truth is that all of your feelings are charged with positive or negative vibrations. The uplifting ones create flow and wonderful results, while unhappiness creates blockage and problematic results. But you can change your emotions (and your resonance) by switching what you think and what you focus on. You must let go of urgency and engage in thoughts of trust in order to open the doors of magnetic attraction. Shift your concentration from what you lack to all that you have to appreciate in order to create a consciousness of success.

Obsessing about what's missing in your life actually causes you to channel your energy into missing more! And if you're always complaining about what you don't have, it will only create more to whine about.

You need to put your passion into experiencing how you want to feel right now so you can magnetize more of that sensation in the future. This is called vibrational entrainment, and it’s a must for being in harmony with this law. Think about the appreciation that you’ll have at the fruition of your goals, and choose to feel that gratitude for what you have in your life right now.

Excerpted with permission of Hay House USA from QUANTUM SUCCESS The Astounding Science of Wealth and Happiness. Can be ordered online at www.sandrataylor.net and www.starbringerassociates.com and in bookstores.

Sandra Anne Taylor has been a counselor in private practice for 25 years, and has also authored Secrets of Attraction: The Universal Laws of Love, Sex and Romance. She lectures worldwide on healing, quantum psychology and the energy dynamics of personal, financial & relationship success and has an 8-hour audio seminar, ACT TO ATTRACT.