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Messenger of the Messiah?
by George Catlin, Ph.D

The day Benjamin Creme first spoke in the United States he gazed silently at the audience. Tears rolled from his unblinking eyes and quietly a great blessing poured through him to the audience. Some felt it in their heart. Others saw Creme’s appearance change, and others just sat peacefully wondering. Today, 25 years later, the effect is the same: a range of experiences from inspirational visions to quiet questioning. What is going on here?

Creme’s message is that a great teacher for the Age of Aquarius, is already among us -
patiently awaiting the opportunity to emerge fully into a world that is ready for his leadership. An educator, who knows the way forward for humanity and has come to help us make that journey, he will guide those who would travel to the ultimate destiny–inner realization and world peace.

Why would a messiah come now? Why would anyone listen to a spiritual teacher in these days of corporate greed and self-aggrandizement? These are the questions that come immediately to mind. Creme answers that teachers always come forward at the change of an age. As we move from one astrological alignment to another, the earth is ready for a fresh revelation, a new set of teachings that will show the way to humanity. Historically we know such teachers as Hercules, Mithra, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed and others. They are the enlightened ones, those who have actually realized all that humanity is here to realize. Yet they remain on the earth to help others follow their lead. Their teachings have provided the necessary guidance for particular peoples at particular times.

Today, Creme points out, the world is a far different place from 2,000 years ago. Humanity is broadly aware of all the major events on the globe. A teacher for today is a teacher for all people. His message would have to reach not only those who aspire to inner realization but also those who simply hope to find the food to live another day.

The background to the story begins over 125 years ago when Helena Petrovna Blavatsky first told western audiences that there are a group of fully enlightened men who serve human evolution from behind the scenes, working to create the optimal climate for us to find our own way forward. Blavatsky claimed to have lived with some of this group, and spent her life spreading their teachings. She began the Theosophical Society as a means to generate awareness of the “masters” and the spiritual nature of humanity.

After Blavatsky, a British woman named Alice A. Bailey disseminated a second wave of very similar teachings. She, too, claimed direct contact with one of the masters and wrote volumes of his teachings. One of the most important messages Bailey delivered was that the teachers had made a momentous decision to return to outer roles in the modern world sometime between 1975 and 2025. She said their advent would be preceded by the work of a small group of “disciples” specifically preparing humanity for the emergence of the great ones. Benjamin Creme appears to be one of that group.

Since 1975 Creme has traveled the world introducing audiences to the masters and their planned emergence into public roles. He predicts that the world will be ready for them only after an imminent financial crisis that will break our fixation on material things. In that moment we will be disoriented but also open to new ways of understanding. Then the teachers will emerge–first as ordinary men expressing extraordinary possibilities for our future. The task of creating that future will rest always with humanity, but for the first time in millennia we will have access to truly enlightened, inspired leadership.

Continuing a grueling schedule of speaking engagements on three continents, Creme, speaks by invitation and receives no royalties or compensation for his talks.