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The “Frequency” of Autism: Healing Through Quantum Physics
by Barbara Stahura • Tucson, AZ


Autism is one of the most complicated and baffling of the neurological disorders. Its severity covers a wide spectrum with some showing very few signs and appear “normal” while others may bang their heads uncontrollably or throw frequent tantrums, or may never utter an intelligible word.

What’s worse for families, though, is that no one in the medical community can yet say with any accuracy what causes “autism spectrum disorders.” One in 150 children in the United States now has autism, according to the Centers for Disease Control, a number ten times higher than just a decade ago.

It has been believed that not much can be done for autism, although some remedies are being pursued, including eliminating certain food additives, using behavioral training, etc. All are good and helpful for many autistic people. However, some fortunate families have found another method that goes far beyond training or similar superficial methods to the root not only of autism but of all illness—to the level of quantum energy, the basis of everything that exists. Matter, of which our physical bodies are a part, is energy that is shaped by consciousness. When the energy-that-is-us falls out of balance, that imbalance eventually manifests on the physical level as illness. Restore the energetic harmony, though, and the physical illness disappears. This is not the same thing as a cure, which is someone doing something to you, as when a doctor performs surgery or when you take medication. Instead, it is healing, which comes only from the self at the energetic level.

Stephen Lewis, founder of EMC2, created the AIM Program of Energetic Balancing after an extensive study of the intersection of quantum physics and spirituality. Essentially, the AIM Program locates an unbalanced energy frequency in someone’s consciousness and sets it right by delivering the corrected frequency around the clock. Think of searching through the frequencies on a radio—when you’re in between stations, all you get is static, but land on the right frequency, and the station comes through with clarity. People on the program accept only the few frequencies they require for healing; their consciousness knows what they need.

Several years ago, Dr. Wayne Dyer, internationally-known speaker and author of many transformational books, asked his friend Stephen to check a little girl with autism to see if the AIM Program might help her. When Stephen enrolled her in the AIM Program and checked her, he found two frequencies then unknown in the program’s database, so he added them. A few months later, the girl’s mother called to say her daughter was no longer autistic. EMC2 began offering AIM Program scholarships to people with the frequency of autism. To date, hundreds of people with autism have received these scholarships.

Gina reports that her son, Joe, has made vast improvements since being on the AIM Program. Now in his late teens, he has long participated in the Special Olympics. Before AIM, she says, he was so aggressive and angry that she had to stay with him down on the field. Now, the other parents and coaches marvel at his transformation.

John’s daughter, Claire, is in her 30s. Her autism was so severe that she had never progressed beyond the developmental level of a young adolescent. Several years after enrolling in AIM, she is attending junior college and taking remedial classes and has a part-time job. Her father reports that her self-esteem has greatly improved, along with her abilities to solve problems and see herself in the future. Deb has two sons with autism, Colter and Lathe. Colter used to be such a constant screamer that even she did not want to be around him. Now, after some self healing on AIM , he is an honor student who reads to her, and is affectionate, quiet, and easily makes eye contact, something that is very difficult for autistic people to do. Lathe, two years younger, used to be very passive and submissive, perhaps in response to his brother’s anger. He didn’t speak at all until he was 5. He, too, has undergone a transformation, becoming more outgoing and willing to stand up for himself.

These are only a few of the testimonials for the AIM Program for people with autism. If you are interested in the scholarship, it is necessary to complete the application, send in a full-length photo, and then send in regular reports on the person’s progress. For more information, go to StephenLewis.org.

Barbara Stahura is a freelance writer in Tucson, Arizona. For more info on the AIM Program, visit: aimprogram.com.