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Indigenous Peoples Hold The Key To Our Survival
by David Weisner • Staten Island, NY

We live in a time of great tumult and rapid change upon the Earth. Only a few generations ago people existed in a world with significantly lower population, an agricultural based economy and a simple way of life. Now the complexity, rapid population growth and out of control technological “advancements” have put the earth on the brink. The old ways have been forgotten by modern people.

For countless centuries we lived as one with the Earth. People were aware of the spiritual aspect of nature and the fact that we ARE nature and everything is connected. There was respect for the land, the heavens, the animals, the plants and even the stones. It was common knowledge that everything was imbued with spirit. When we ate animals or took down a tree it was done with the greatest respect and care for the entity. Prayers of thanksgiving were offered up and every part of the entity was used in respect for the life form giving itself for the nourishment of mankind.

But over time so called “civilization” took over the Earth. People forgot that they are part of the matrix and western religions called for dominion over the Earth. With intense arrogance the western monotheistic religions thought mankind was here to rule over nature and use all the bounty of the planet for its own selfish gain. We forgot to honor our Earth mother and all its inhabitants and we desecrated her. The indigenous people who still honored her and took care of her were humiliated and forced to worship the western God. Those indigenous people who had advanced spiritual systems and a symbiotic way of living in harmony were mocked and killed as “savages.” Who were the real savages?

Now the Western mind and philosophy rules over the planet. And look at the destruction we have brought. The rivers, oceans, and lakes are polluted and dark with decay. The skies are ripe with chemicals and thousands of invisible poisons choke our lungs with Asthma, Emphysema, and Cancer. The green house effect is slowly but surely raising the aggregate temperature of the planet causing many calamities and mass extinctions. With complete disregard and disrespect for all life forms, we have wrought this destruction on ourselves.

It is a great irony that the wisdom of the very people who we have been wiping out for five hundred years is the only thing that can save us. We don’t need to abandon technology and become hunter gatherers to save the Earth but we do need to adopt the philosophies of the indigenous peoples. We must return to the old ways in spirit. When we look at the Earth as our mother and all the trillions of creatures who cohabitate with us as our brothers and sisters, then and only then will we start to implement the changes that may save our planet and species.

We must cultivate our spirituality to include nature as our church. There is an unseen world that permeates through the hologram of the physical world. All living things have a soul and must be treated as equals not property. Because of our unique ability to make tools and live in all parts of the Earth we must realize that our creator put us here to nurture the earth and all her inhabitants. Instead we have taken this somber responsibility and spit in the face of God. What we do to the least among us we do to the Great Spirit. By protecting the entire planet from harm we can fulfill our responsibility and destiny as caretakers.

Part of the reason for the calamity this planet is facing, is the over population of human beings. Ignorance is a deadly disease and with over six billion people on the earth we need to control population growth. The shamans who are still alive can teach people about nature and the need to care for; not force their will on others.

It is 2009 and no longer does the Native American wander across the prairies. The Amazonian tribesman watches as the rain forest is destroyed by thousands of acres each year. Yet even though we in our arrogance have vanquished these people, their ways and wisdom can still save us all. If we take their basic concept of love and respect for nature, and use our awareness to feel Spirit in all matter, then perhaps we have a chance.

David Weisner is a poet, freelance writer and musician who teaches guitar and piano privately in Staten Island. To reach David please write to David@dweisner.com or visit his website at www.dweisner.com.