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Healing Psoriasis: The Natural Alternative The Principles Behind the Process
by Dr. John O. A. Pagano, D.C. Englewood Cliffs, NJ

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My approach to psoriasis and eczema views these diseases as beginning in the gut, not the skin. Orthodox medicine traditionally treats the symptoms and admits that it is in the dark concerning the cause and cure of psoriasis. I see psoriasis and/or eczema as an internal process – the body is attempting detoxification which comes out through the skin.

If this is true, logic dictates that it will take another process to clear the condition, the reverse of that which started the problem. I have done just that for over forty years. For those patients who have followed through, with few exceptions, the results showed marked improvement or complete healing, and to this day they are in control of their condition.

This is not to say that I have never met with failure; I have, but, it was the dramatic successes, especially with young people, that kept me going. The common denominator for success was consistently the patient’s commitment to the regimen. The reason for failure in most cases was the patient’s lack of patience and persistence. Sometimes a patient does not succeed the first time, then returns and does very well the second.

The Process is based on Six Principles:

1. Internal Cleansing: Eliminate toxins accumulated in the colon.
2. Proper Diet and Nutrition: Concentrate on a high alkaline/low acid forming diet – the key, in this approach, to the natural healing of psoriasis. Alkalineforming foods (fruits and vegetables) should constitute 75% of the diet, and acid-forming foods (meat and grains) should be 25% of the diet.
3. Specific Herb Teas: Take Slippery Elm Bark Powder in the morning and American Yellow Saffron Tea in the evening (or vice versa). Take Omega 3 fish oils and/or Flax oils.
4. Adjustments of the Spine: Particularly the 6th and 7th dorsal vertebrae to insure proper nerve impulses to the visceral organs and stimulate the immune system.
5. Natural External Application: Apply a good natural moisturizer. Epsom salts and Dead Sea Salts baths are also helpful. Bathing in clean ocean water with moderate exposure to the sun is helpful – avoid sunburn!
6. Right Thinking and Sound Emotions: Guard against negative emotions which turn the blood acid, and concentrate on, and practice positive emotions which turn the blood alkaline. Think “Health” not disease!

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My years of research convince me that Psoriasis is the external manifestation of the body’s attempt to throw off internal toxins. The idea behind the therapeutic procedure is twofold: 1) As much as possible, eliminate the toxic build-up through insuring good bowel movements; 2) Do not add more of the same toxins to the system – primarily from foods consumed. (Orthodox medicine has never seriously considered that diet has any bearing on psoriasis or eczema; yet doctors admit they remain baffled regarding the cause and cure of the disease, even after 200 years of research, therefore it is classified as unknown and incurable). Toxic accumulation occurs when the body’s natural organs of elimination, primarily the bowels and the kidneys, cannot discharge the toxins as quickly as they are building up. The blood is overloaded with pollutants that must be eliminated. The skin “comes to the rescue” by trying to eliminate this toxic accumulation through the sweat glands – a job it is not primarily designed for.

The seepage of toxins through the gut wall is called Intestinal Permeability or Leaky Gut Syndrome. The blood is constantly filtered and purified primarily by the liver and kidneys, but sometimes the workload becomes so great that these organs can no longer handle the job. When the skin helps eliminate toxins, it causes the rash, irritation, scales and lesions associated with psoriasis. In my opinion, in cases of psoriasis, eczema – and probably many other skin diseases – the skin is doing what the bowels and kidneys should be doing: removing toxic waste.

Remove the existing toxins, don’t add more, and eventually the body can handle the accumulations normally. The skin can then return to normal; in many cases not even leaving a trace of the disease. I have seen it countless times. Usually patients must follow through for at least six months after their skin has cleared to help insure better healing of the intestinal walls. The key is time, patience, persistence and determination. It took a long time to pollute the body; it will take a reasonable amount of time to purify it.


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