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You Absolutely Need Iodine
by Maggie Martakis • New York


Hand holding seaweed on the beachMedical textbooks contain several vital pieces of misinformation about the essential element Iodine, which may have caused more human misery and death than both world wars combined.

Dr. Guy Abraham

The present situation we find ourselves in demands that we quickly reengineer not only mainstream allopathic medicine but all branches and alternatives.
It has become increasingly clear that the majority of humans are suffering from chronic poisoning. Aware or not, we are exposed daily to radiation, fluorine, chlorine and bromine chemicals, that are found in many of our foods, soft drinks, toothpastes, pools, water, air and household chemicals. These chemicals and heavy metals accumulate in our body interfering with thyroid function, the endocrine glandular system, and also cause calcification of our pineal gland (aka third eye) lowering our IQ.
Healthy levels of iodine detoxify the body of these toxic chemicals and, along with proper diet, assist our cells in the uptake of proper nutrients and minerals. Iodine is used by every organ and tissue in the body. It is absolutely necessary for a healthy thyroid as well as healthy ovaries, breasts and prostate. These are just a few of the reasons to become interested in iodine.

Iodine has bactericidal activity, e.g. a 1% tincture will kill 90% of bacteria in 90 seconds, a 5% tincture in 60 seconds and a 7% tincture in 15 seconds.

Gershenfeld, 1968

In an age of increasing toxic exposures we all need more, not less iodine because it provides very specific, protective effects against several common poisons like fluoride, bromide, and to a lesser extent it helps eliminate lead and mercury from the body. Dr. Sebastiano Venturi, in Evolution of Dietary Antioxidants: Role of Iodine, makes it clear that iodine is a crucial antioxidant and apoptosis-inductor with anti-tumoral and anti-atherosclerotic activity.

When we supplement with iodine we will see increased antioxidant activity and immune system function.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

Iodine is an essential primary mineral and those who are deficient, suffer from a wide variety of afflictions. Iodine used to be considered much more important and, up until 20 years ago, it had been routinely added to bread and table salt as a supplement. Todays research presently shows that 3 billion people worldwide are iodine deficient. In addition, the U.S. Government’s RDD of iodine is 150mcg – a far cry from the Japanese daily diet of 13,800mcg (who have dramatically lower cancer rates).

Iodine deficiency is a major cause of under-functioning intellect. Dr. Flechas agrees – in newborn children, iodine is responsible for the development of the babies’ I.Q. Recent research shows iodine deficiency is felt to be the source of ADD and ADHD in children.

We have an absolute epidemic of Autism in this country, said Representative Dan Burton. Iodine and magnesium logically should be some of the first things parents should reach for before, during and after pregnancy.

Iodine usage from seaweed can be found as far back as 3600BC China. First discovered by French chemist Bernard Courtois in 1811, Iodine received the name “iode”, from the Greek word (iodes) for violet (because of the color of iodine vapor). It has been successfully used throughout history to treat a variety of health issues: 1860 Dr. Rowen, Dr. Condet (goiter), 1900’s Sunkar Bisey and Dr. Regnault (malaria), 1920’s Dr. Marine and Edgar Cayce (goiter). Today we have Drs. Abraham, Flechas, Brownstein and Tullio Simoncini (skin & breast cancer) just to name a few that realize the benefits of iodine and understand that “this salt is our salvation.”

Iodine is utilized by every hormone receptor in the body. The absence of iodine causes a hormonal dysfunction that can be seen with practically every hormone inside the body.

Dr. George Flechas

We might go as far as to conclude that there is a concerted effort to keep us iodine deficient – if we are iodine deficient, our intellect, energy and vitality are all compromised and we are significantly more vulnerable to thyroid malfunction, endocrine/hormonal imbalances, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer. The medical truth is obvious and as plain as day, but most of the time it does not line up with conventional thinking. However, given time, mass consciousness and medical science will catch up to the obvious.

Daring to think out of the box through the past decade has resulted in curing myself of goiter and my son is “off the spectrum” and has been an “A” student for the last four years, along with being tree nut allergy free for the last year. I credit my Holistic practices to my new found knowledge that I now share with the world.

Knowledge is Power and Applied Knowledge is Freedom.


Maggie Martakis is the founder of Maggie’s Holistics, and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. www.MaggiesHolisticsNY.com.