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Why Open Your Third Eye?
by Chris Bramfield • Glen HeadChris Bramfield

The abilities of the third eye have been believed to be available only to a select few, chosen by a higher power or plan. Those who are spiritually or religiously active were seen as more able to reach this heightened sense. The powers of the third eye have been described in ancient religious texts and demonstrated at spiritual gatherings. Around the world, participants at massive gatherings have experienced absorbing spiritual energy through the third eye when praying in front of spiritual icons or symbols.

Today we know that everyone with a mind open to new possibilities can develop the competencies necessary to use the third eye successfully. The process of opening your third eye begins with learning to focus on yourself and to eliminate distractions. The meditative practices involved in activities like yoga, Reiki, Chakra color breathing or martial arts can assist in developing the ability to access more layered information through the third eye.

You begin with contemplating your physical place in the world. The next step is to focus on your emotional state. In today’s chaotic society, unresolved emotional issues can keep us from focusing on productive goals. Avoiding dealing with your past or difficult issues in your life will diminish your ability to move toward opening your third eye. When you’re at peace with your emotions, you can think more clearly.

Thinking, clearing your mind, is the next level. Clearing your mind does not mean valuing your mind above matter, but recognizing that you have unique ideas to contribute to the world. It means recognizing when your thoughts are in line with the goals you want to reach, and when they are simply distracting you from what’s really important. Again, meditation and other similar disciplines can help clear your mind.

Recognizing body, mind and feelings are integral parts of developing a deeper sense of purpose. Too often we are guilty of going through the motions of a typical day without noticing the beauty and joy that day offers. Being aware and clear can help us develop an unquenchable passion for life, being present to the world around us in each moment. This doesn’t mean we live recklessly moment to moment, but that we have respect and reverence for each alive moment.

At this point in the process, you will begin to hear your inner voice. Intuitive information is received and processed through this third eye center. Similar to the force in George Lucas’ Star Wars series, this inner intuitive force both guides us and warns us of danger. George Lucas’ heroes are expressive ambassadors who possess unique insight and serve to inspire those around them. They possess many of the abilities and qualities of an active third eye. They maintain discipline and focus on their higher purpose.

Using the third eye properly requires much focus and refined energy. It is a skill which requires preparation. The third eye offers non-physical perception that can read between the lines and see what is unsaid. Sensing information accurately through your third eye takes years of practice to master. Each step toward opening your third eye is essential. It is crucial to maintain personal discipline and boundaries in all aspects of your life. Too often we succumb to the temptation to serve personal motives or get instant gratification. Using our power in this way can be harmful and clouds any information we received psychically through the third eye.

When we practice balancing all of these areas, we can fully use our third eye. These newfound abilities can aid in interpreting visions and symbolic dreams for yourself as well as others.

If you are interested in seeing energy auras through your third eye, Reverend Rosalyn L Bruyere, reknowned for treating patient’s auras through her third eye, will present a weekend workshop in Bayside, Queens, October 11-13, 2002. For information, contact Theo Kyrkostas at (516) 671-1368 or Theok@optonline.net

Chris Bramfeld, BA, is a graduate of Marist college. His working background is in computers and training. Email him at: computereducator@yahoo.com