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Creations Music ReviewsA Winter’s Night
by Christina Lord • New York City

By Ensemble Galilei

This is a collection of Celtic style Christmas tunes. It includes familiar classics along with Celtic carols from Galicia, Spain, Scotland and Ireland, as well as Medieval and Renaissance dance tunes. A delightful and a refreshing break from the standard array of Christmas carols.

Rasa in Concert
Rasa in Concert
By Rasa

Hearts of Space-a Valley Entertainment Label
Rasa is singer Kim Waters with Hans Christian, who is a one-man orchestra. They are known for their inspiring interpretations of sacred devotional music from India. A variety of unique instruments are used including the nyckelharpe (Swedish keyed fiddle), sarangi (Indian violin), cello and electric bass. However, it is Kim’s irresistible voice that makes the sounds come alive. This music can be used for Yoga, meditation, healing or background music. It is absolutely beautiful– sensitive and transcendental.

A Sacred Christmas
A Sacred Christmas
By Michael Dowdle

Joyspring Records
Peaceful and joyous, Michael Dowdle is a truly brilliant acoustic guitarist. He makes the ten Christmas carols on this CD come alive using only his guitar. Great listening for a peaceful evening at home, for healing and meditation or for background Christmas music. Songs include Ave Maria, O Holy Night, and more. You will never hear Christmas carols sound more beautiful.

Spirit Rising
By Sonic Tribe

Soundings of the Planet Label
soundings.com or
Trance guitarist Scott Huckaby brings his Native American heritage to this truly original collection of songs. Gina Sala is a lead vocalist for Cirque du Soleil and Beth Quist has a 4 octave vocal range– need I say more? It is Middle East meets the Australian outback here. Greg Callahan plays the djembe, other drums and percussion, and Dean Evenson plays the flute and digi horn. The songs include East Indian and Tibetan chants and will make you want to dance, shout, clap your hands and sing along. This CD rocks!

Miracles– A Journey of Hope and Healing
By Paul Cardall

This collection of piano melodies with orchestration is both inspiring and healing. The families of victims of the Oklahoma City Federal Building bombing chose Cardall’s music to be played during the dedication services for the new memorial. This CD is a tribute to the miracles of life.

Music for Reiki and Meditation
Music for Reiki and Meditation
By Shajan

Sequoia Records
Every now and then I come across a very original CD, and this, Shajan’s debut CD, is one of them. It has the most serene instrumentals that I’ve heard in a long time. It’s ideal for use with Reiki, meditation, massage or even just for dreaming. It will take you far away to a calming and blissful place.

Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work
Working on Yourself Doesn’t Work
By Ariel and Shya Kane

This is a complete book on CD about instantaneous transformation. It is a wonderful approach to life. If all those group workshops and seminars you’ve done have left you exhausted, empty and broke, try this! It’s full of new ideas and a refreshing philosophy of life, an approach to living every day to the fullest.

The Heart Aid Project
The Heart Aid Project– A 9/11 Benefit Piano Collection
By various artists

This project is a non-profit project to help heal the wounds of the 9/11 tragedy and to enhance the human spirit everywhere. Pianist Eric Chapelle from Austin,TX is at the heart of this group project, which includes 17 piano tunes from some of the best known artists in the contemporary instrumental music field. The CD insert includes personal notes on each song and artist.

Daughters of the Sun
Daughters of the Sun
By Nana

Na Records
It’s hard to put a label on this one. Nana Simopoulos sings in Greek, Yoruba, Hindi and English, and she’s written countless compositions for dance companies including the Joffrey Ballet and Ballet Hispanico. Organic and acoustic instruments are all you’ll hear on this CD. She plays the sitar and bouzouki, cello, didgeridu and others. Uneven rhythms and vocals make for a most interesting CD.

Music for Yoga
By Kevin Kendle

This CD has beautiful, relaxing and soft instrumentals. It is perfect for the more soothing and less rigorous styles of yoga practice that have smooth and fluid movements. It will help you focus on your breathing and take you into a deeply relaxed state of mind and body.

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Christina Lord is a music, entertainment and portrait photographer in NYC. Email her at songlord@earthlink.net http://clordphoto.tripod.com/christinalord/