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Creations Music Reviews
by Christina Lord

Composed and performed by Chris Conway
Full color guide by Dr. Shantha Godagama
New World Music "The Mind Body Soul Series"
Ayurveda is a life management tool for maintaining your health and well being. It was developed in India 5,000 years ago. On this CD, there are nine instrumental tracks to balance your three doshas, or energy types. The booklet which accompanies the CD gives you background on this ancient science and on how to use the music. The music is great for any occasion and is said to have a profound effect on your health. I found it to be beautiful, peaceful and relaxing.

by Ottmar Liebert
Higher Octave Music/Spiral Subwave
This is Nouveau Flamenco composer/guitarist Ottmar Liebert’s eighth CD with his band Luna Negra. This one contains reconstructed versions of older compositions that have changed and evolved over the years. The basic framework is the same, but there is a fresh new feel. There are also two new compositions on the CD. It provides great background music for any occasion. Songs include Snake Charmer and Barcelona Nights.

The Melodies of Parmahansa Yogananda performed and arranged by Gerald Jay Markoe
Astro Music,
Markoe interprets Yogananda’s melodic Cosmic Chants on this CD. It offers 70 minutes combining Indian Classical instruments with celestial synthesizer textures. This ethereal music will take you to new heights of meditation and contemplation. It includes an instructional booklet titled How to Release and Prevent Stress, also by Markoe.

by Dean Evenson and Scott Huckabay
Soundings of the Planet
This CD takes you on a meditative and peaceful vacation. Imagine yourself in a meadow on the side of a mountain. The scent of spring flowers fills the air and music from flute and guitar wafts across the valley. Birds sing and an eagle flies across the canyon. Sounds of nature are merged with flutes, guitar and sitar. After a stressful day, this CD will restore balance and harmony to your life.

Original compositions arranged and performed by Jim Jenkins
The Lotus Company
If you can’t hug your family or good friends, sending them this CD is the next best thing! These songs are joyous and loving and make you feel good. An interesting array of instruments are used, including French horn, bassoon, music box, strings, choir, flute, harp, guitar and piano.

by Finbar Furey
Rough Diamond Records
Finbar Furey, instrumentalist/ singer/ songwriter, sings these 12 Irish love songs with raw emotion, directly from the heart. Furey’s own compositions {Dreams in Your Eyes) are included along with traditional tunes (Carrickfergus and Sweet Sixteen.) The songs range from simple to flamboyant, and are powerful and witty. They will make you cry, give you goose bumps and leave you speechless. Furey’s first movie appearance was in Martin Scorsese’s The Gangs of New York and the song New York Girls is also featured on this CD. This is a real treat and its originality stands out in a crowded field of synthesized sounds. If you only purchase one CD this month, this is it!

by Radial Angel
Warner Bros. Records Christian Division
Rock music meets Christ– this is a unique group of tunes about topics like divorce, rape, suicide and purity. The group hopes to help people relate to their own personal experiences and in turn, move them to get to know Christ better. It’s worth checking out. Radial Angel is an Oklahoma based rock band and is a huge Indie success. They have recently signed with the Warner Bros. label.

by Lisa Lynne
New Earth Records
This is Lisa Lynne’s latest release of original compositions. She plays the Celtic harp and the songs are enhanced with world flutes and other acoustic instruments. The songs will nourish your soul and create harmony and balance in your life. Lynne is the musician-in-residence at City of Hope National Cancer Center in LA. Frequently called "The Angel of the Harp," she created these songs while conducting workshops and concerts for patients and staff on her days off between tour dates. The songs engender hope, healing and inspiration.

by Jaya Lakshmi
Sequoia Records
The passionate voice of Jaya Lakshmi makes these traditional mantra chants come alive in both English and Sanskrit. This is the perfect CD for yoga, meditation or background music. Instruments include Flamenco guitar and sarod.

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Christina Lord is a music, entertainment and portrait photographer in NYC. Email her at songlord@