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Jeffrey Schiller’s Reviews

If these quality products are not available in your health food store, request that they carry them. Otherwise, contact the companies.


The Cervical Massage System™ (CMS-300), manufactured by INTERACTIVE HEALTH, emulates the techniques used by massage and physical therapists. You simply rest your spine on the machine and select the desired speed on the hand held control. The device will help reduce stress and tension in the surrounding muscles as it massages each area. There are three different cycle rate functions to choose from.
Our tester spent about 45 minutes each time on the machine and found the results very therapeutic in relaxing and soothing the muscles in the neck and back. (800) 742-5493, www.interhealth.com

SEDONA PRODUCTS introduces a line of 24-hour maximum odor protection products consisting of: All Over Body Spray, Crystal Stick Deodorant, Body & Foot Powders, and Foot Spray. All of the products are pure and natural and do not contain any chemicals, synthetics, aluminum chlorohydrates or zirconium. They are non-staining for skin and clothes and can be used by both men and women.
The All Over Body Spray is made up of mineral salts and purified water. It can be applied to the underarms, feet and intimate areas. The Crystal Solid Stick Deodorant contains only mineral salts. Simply wet the stick and apply to the skin. It is also available in a push-up or push-down stick. The Foot & Body Powders contain cornstarch and natural mineral salts ideal for all-over body application. There is no talc in this product. The crystals provide odor protection while the cornstarch absorbs any excess wetness.
The Foot Spray is made with mineral salts and purified water and destroys odor causing bacteria without blocking the pores. It can also be applied to old footwear to reduce odor.
Our testers were very impressed with this line’s performance. The most favored were the liquid All Over Body Spray and the Foot and Body Powders. They were used before a sporting event and kept our athlete smelling fresh all day. (800) 848-2085, www.sedonaproducts.com

The Elite Foot Care System, from McNAUGHTON INC., suctions to the floor of the tub or shower and pampers the feet in three ways. The grass-like surface cleans and scrubs the feet; the oval surface in the center helps ease tension in the heel and ball of the foot and the more tactile surface helps increase circulation. Available in pearl blue or silver. (800) 423-5487, www.gadjits.com

ALABU offers a line of all-natural handcrafted goat milk soaps. The soaps are made with pure essential oils and goat’s milk in a base of olive, soybean, coconut, castor oil, cocoa butter and sodium hydroxide, and leave the skin feeling smooth and smelling fresh and clean. The Lavender Delight and Baby Me soaps are very soothing to the skin and both have a fresh lavender scent.
Our testers also commented on the pleasant scent of the Anise Soap and the great smelling combination of tea tree, orange and cinnamon in the Shaving Soap. (888) 509-7627, www.alabu.com


BACK TO BASICS offers the Food Grinder Pro, an electric unit that grinds fresh meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. This device has an 800-watt motor and a built-in circuit breaker to prevent overload. Included are three hardened steel plates for fine, medium and coarse grinding. The Food Grinder Pro also comes with a 2-year warranty. Our tester found this machine to be easy to assemble, use and clean. A very handy unit to have for those who wish to make healthy meals. (800) 688-1989, www.backtobasicsproducts.com

EDEN FOODS introduces Organic Yellow Mustard, made from whole yellow mustard seeds. The seeds are hammer-milled into a stainless steel tank with pure water, organic apple cider vinegar, sea salt, organic turmeric, organic paprika and organic garlic.
Our tester liked the combination of spices in this full flavored mustard and found it added a great taste to the meal. (800) 248-0320, www.edenfoods.com


The Complete Guide (Vols. 1 & 2)
by Matthew Oliver Goodwin
This two-volume book set is written superbly, catering to the beginner as well as the advanced professional, with a vast amount of excellent information and detail on the subject. It features many examples, detailed reference charts and material on the meanings of the master numbers, doubled numbers and much more.
Matthew Goodwin is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He brings many years of expertise in mathematics, the study of numbers and scientific analysis to this work.
These books are well written, comprehensive, and highly recognized by professionals in the field. Recommended as a must read for those interested in this subject. New Page Books. 794 pgs. (both volumes combined), $29.20 (2 volume set). (800) 227-3371, www.newpagebooks.com

by Patrick J. Harbula
The Magic of the Soul comes with an accompanying CD, which contains 12 meditations, very professionally done. The book goes into the deeper meaning of the purpose of life, giving examples and exercises.
Patrick Harbula has been a spiritual teacher since 1985 and was the founder of Meditation magazine, a national bimonthly publication. He currently offers lectures and workshops and is the president of the Spiritual Unity Movement.
The information presented is excellent and inspirational. The book and CD are a valuable tool for those doing therapy or for people seeking self-help. Peak Publications, 2003. 224 pgs., $18.95. (866) 204-2261, www.inlightadventures.com

by Lori Reid
The hands hold vital clues about the state of a person’s health. Presented here are the fundamentals of hand reading. The book tells you how to recognize points, markings, the shapes of hands and fingers, skin texture and color, as these specifically relate to health.
Lori Reid has written over 40 books and is considered a leading expert on hand analysis. Tuttle Publishing, 2002. 144 pgs., $16.95. (800) 526-2778, www.tuttlepublishing.com

Jeffrey Schiller is a special feature columnist and writes for health and environmental publications across the nation. He can be reached at: jeffreys@aztecfreenet.org