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effrey Schiller’s Reviews

If these quality products are not available in your health food store, request that they carry them. Otherwise, contact the companies.

BACK TO BASICS introduces the Professional Smoothie Maker with a powerful 1000-watt pulse-power motor. This high-end product comes with a 64oz. capacity glass container, brushed chrome cast metal base, a mixing stir stick, and internal cord storage.
We found this unit to exceed the performance of other blenders and smoothie makers. Its quickness, versatility, convenience and reliability make it superior, and a valuable addition to any food preparer’s kitchen. (800) 688-1989, www.backtobasics.com.

The Soy Quick Automatic Soymilk Maker made by KITCHEN’S BEST MANUFACTURING GROUP not only makes soymilk, this versatile machine can also make great tasting rice, almond, oat, nut and bean milk, as well as tofu. The soymilk maker offers the user a choice of processing the milk either hot or cold and only takes a few minutes to make. The unit comes with a 1500 ml serving capacity container. The machine has a quality stainless steel design, is very economical, and easy to operate and clean. Our tester found it to be an exceptional value and recommends it to everyone who enjoys drinking raw milk. (888) 769-5433, www.soymilkquick.com

FOLIOE offers a series of unique salt crystal lamps created from 250 million-year old salt crystal rock from Poland. Each lamp is formed in its own geometrical shape or is hand-carved into a custom design. These lamps radiate a tranquil glow that softens a variety of environments. When the salt lamps heat up, they emit healthy negative ions that research suggests reduce harmful bacteria that can contribute to ill health and other ailments. We found that the soft light of the lamps creates a relaxing ambience for meditation, massage or bodywork, yoga, etc. (800) 299-6610, www.saltlamp.com.

EMJOI, a leader in hair removal, introduces Emjoi Blade, a razor with a triple-patented shaver head that provides a closer, smoother and safer shave. Its three individual blades approach the skin from a few different angles. Special safety guards are strategically placed to minimize contact between the blades and skin, so skin is not irritated, scratched or cut. Available for both men and women. The Emjoi Blade can be purchased individually or in the following kits: Royal Shaving Kit, Classic Gold Shaving Kit, and Classic Shaving Kit. Our tester raved about how well this razor worked. It gave a close shave without any nicks or scratches– an exceptional product! (888) 993-6564, www.emjoi.com.

OMNI MASSAGE SYSTEMS announces the Knuckle-Baller Sports Massager. The Knuckle-Baller incorporates four massage balls in one massage tool with a sure grip handle to provide a deeper massage. With its long-lasting and durable construction, it can be used with lotions and oils, or in any wet environment. It cleans easily with soap and water. Available in primary and pastel colors. (432) 334-4900, www.omnimassage.com.

EARTH unveils a line of healthy footwear with patent pending Negative Heel Technology that positions the heel below the toe to achieve natural body alignment.
Pacific is an attractive sneaker containing leather uppers and soft, breathable leather linings. The rubber soles provide grip, comfort and durability. The rocker design creates a gentle rolling motion. It comes in black or white and is available for both men and women. For those with a wide foot, it is suggested to go a 1/2 size larger. Our testers found these sneakers to be well made, strong, comfortable and well-fitted. (877) 746-3364 x302, www.earth.us.


by Cynthia Holzapfel & Laura Holzapfel
This book presents facts about why this tropical oil is considered to be one of the healthiest to eat. Some of the benefits described are; reduction of inflammation caused by allergies, boosting immune system functioning, reducing bacterial and viral infections, easy digestion by anyone with intestinal problems and much more. Women of the Pacific Rim have known for centuries about coconut oil’s rejuvenating and beautifying qualities, which include its ability to heal wounds and fight acne as well as protect the skin against free radical damage that causes aging.
Cynthia Holzapfel is a health editor and research writer specializing in plant-based cooking and nutrition. Book Publishing Company, 2003. 127 pages, $9.95. (800) 695-2241. www.bookpubco.com.

by Ananda Apfelbaum
The roots of many illnesses are caused by blockages in the energy lines of the body. Stimulating the flow of this energy with Thai massage can provide an exceptional tool for provoking the body’s own healing process to take place. This book is fully illustrated with over 200 step-by-step photographs and instructions, making the techniques simple to practice, whether for professional use or at home on the family. Ananda Apfelbaum is a massage therapist, practitioner and teacher of Thai Massage. This is the best book on the subject. Avery, 2003. 265 pages, $21.95. (800) 847-5515.

by Valerie Ann Worwood
These are gift products, containing a book of essential oil recipes, two scented candles made with vegetable-based wax and scented with either neroli or lavender oil, and a 60 minute CD of soothing piano music. The Bride’s Big Day Bliss Box is a guide designed to calm pre-wedding jitters and to help bring out a feeling of serenity. The Pampered Pregnancy Bliss Box, with the use of essential oils, helps pamper a woman during pregnancy. The author is a noted authority on aromatherapy and owns and operates her own clinic in England. New World Library, 2004. Each gift set $21.95. (800) 972-6657, www.newworldlibrary.com.

Jeffrey Schiller is a special feature columnist and writes for health and environmental publications across the nation. He can be reached at: jeffreys@aztecfreenet.org