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THE STORY OF OUR TIME From Duality to Interconnectedness to OnenessTHE STORY OF OUR TIME
From Duality to Interconnectedness to Oneness
by Robert Atkinson


In this timely and timeless book, Atkinson offers a deeply thoughtful narrative of conscious evolution drawn from the continuous wisdom of the world’s religions and spiritual traditions. The Story of Our Time traces love’s unifying power throughout history to its presence in our midst, pointing towards Oneness as our ultimate destination. The author proposes that getting there is dependent upon the stories we live by and the action we take. The book offers a spiritual perspective for understanding why our world seems to be going through a “dark night” that is actually intended to lead to a rebirth and the emergence of a consciousness of oneness, through which we will come to see humanity as one family, a time foretold by many indigenous and spiritual traditions. Atkinson explains how the “sacred” story of the Earth is ultimately about no longer getting caught up in the opposing forces around us but rather shifting our consciousness from duality to interconnectedness and eventually oneness

Dr. Atkinson is professor emeritus of cross-cultural human development and religious studies at the University of Southern Maine and author of nine books. The Story of Our Time combines his life’s work and research into an inspirational book that includes a timeline of Humanity’s Conscious Evolution and a resource guide identifying groups dedicated to supporting our planet’s evolution. According to Mirabai Starr, “Human consciousness is unfolding toward its essential unity – not only with other humans but also with all Life. This lucid book both celebrates that evolutionary trajectory and guides our full and empowered participation.” The author has started a Oneness Pledge campaign to support readers in focusing on all things with the eye of Oneness.


A spirited glossary for the little devil in you

by Sol Luckman

The Angel’s Dictionary is a sardonic antidote to the trite and asinine slogans and catchphrases–the basic language–of Big Brother’s thoughtcontrol system. On one level, it’s light and witty comic relief, and beyond the playful satire, it is scathingly accurate! If you’re in need of some conscious, fun, and thought-provoking wordplay then you might start with The Angel’s Dictionary. Warning: reader may experience symptoms of higher consciousness, greater clarity, and general merriment.

– Reviewed by Brendan D. Murphy, author of The Grand Illusion

Editor’s sampling: mass shooting: (n.) forced vaccinations. chemtrail: (n.) nothing to see day and night crisscrossing the sky and lingering for hours, folks, move along. premeditation: (n.) warm-up meditation.


by Midge Raymond
Simon and Schuster

BUDDHISM FOR COUPLES: A Calm Approach for CouplesMy Last Continent is a gift of generous insight and profound intrigue. While seamlessly weaving together themes of love, loss, conservation, and interdependence, amongst others, Ms. Raymond has managed to infuse the continent of Antartica with an indomitable warmth, despite its frigid temps and lack of human population. It is a timely and important book. One that graces its readers with a rare clarity and profound understanding of our shared role and responsibility in not only our own survival, but that of all species, and of the earth itself.

With vivid, oftentimes breathtaking descriptions and a deep awareness of the complexities of relationships, be them human-human or human-animal, My Last Continent is an exquisite exploration of the interconnection of all living beings. It is a call to action and a reminder to love fiercely along the way.

— Reviewed by Erica Settino






The Jojoba Company states that this 100% Natural Oil combines the carrying benefits of Jojoba with Rosehip Oil to deliver nutrients to the deeper layers of skin where Rosehip Oil is unable to go by itself. Jojoba is the only plant in the world known to produce a liquid wax like that found in healthy, young human skin. Hence, when Jojoba is applied to skin it is instantly recognized as its own, resulting in intense hydration. Combined, these oils are naturally rich in antioxidant vitamins A, D & E, and omega fatty acids 3,6 and 9. This product contains no harmful detergents, chemicals or parabens, no artificial fragrances or colors, no PEGs, mineral oil or sodium lauryl sulphate, and no animal products. Suitable for all skin types, the Jojoba Company claims their Jojoba + Rosehip Oil helps with skin rejuvenation helping to heal scars and stretch marks, providing smooth, nourished and radiant skin.




It’s a win-win for consumers who prefer safe, chemical-free odor protection but also want the convenience and smooth feel of roll-on application. CRYSTAL™ the world’s first brand of mineral salt deodorant, offers multiple rollon options, both unscented and lightly fragranced with natural botanical essences. The manufacturer claims their deodorant forms an invisible but powerful and natural barrier on the skin which prevents odor at its source rather than simply masking it. They contain no aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, phthalates or parabens, and are hypoallergenic. Crystal Body Deodorant™ is designed to keep skin odor-free for 24 hours using natural mineral salts, which create an inhospitable environment for odor-causing bacteria (commercial deodorants typically mask odor with chemical ingredients). It glides on gently; dries instantly; no residue. Crystal Essence roll-ons, infused with natural essential oils for light, pleasing aromas, are available in Lavender & White Tea, Chamomile & Green Tea, Pomegranate, and Vanilla Jasmine. After playing a baseball doubleheader, this editor can attest they work!