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The April-May Spring Issue: In this season of rebirth, we honor Women, Mothers, Earth, the Environment, and the Divine Feminine.

First, a little “Spring cleaning” is in order. On our front cover, we’ve removed our pithy, but enigmatic tag line, Inspiring the Soul, updating it to Inspiration | Positivity | Holistic Health | Personal Growth. This presents a much clearer picture of what you’ll find inside each issue.

10 Days in February—The Real Truth About Health Conference: Incredible! The best thing I can say is, I hope you were able to either attend or stream most of the free presentations. If not, the second best thing I can say is, every talk is available on www.RealTruthTalks.com. And they are all still completely FREE.

The Real Truth About Health Conference / Creations Magazine
Health and Environmental Group

Thousands of people are now armed with reliable, scientific, and agenda-free information. Building upon this momentum, TRTAH and CREATIONS MAGAZINE are looking to form a large group of committed people who will speak, advocate and take action on the most important issues facing humanity.

If you are passionate about issues relating to health and nutrition, the food industry, the medical system, and the environment, we need you to show up ONE Wednesday every month, to offer solutions and share your concerns. We are more powerful when we come together. FREE plant-based whole food will be provided. Monthly meetings begin at 6:30PM @ The Hilton Long Island in Melville. The first two Wednesdays are April 25 and May 16.

For more information contact Steve 516-921-1417, steve@realtruthtalks.com or Neil 631 424-3594, neil@creationsmagazine.com.


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