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The Metal in You … Feng Shui’s 5th Element
by Nadia Vee • Great Neck, NY


Tis the autumn season when...
* We feel the changes before they occur
* We prepare for the closing of another year 
* We feel the need to remain warm and positive, and keep our environment attractive and bright.

During the months of October and November we are acutely aware of gradual changes in our environment: daylight growing shorter, weather turning cooler, trees changing colors and beginning to shed their leaves, and the appearance of orange pumpkins, warm scarfs, and mittens. 

As the season progresses, we slowly begin to take refuge in home, family, cozy blankets and clothes, candles, fireplaces, and hot pumpkin soup. It is time to rest after the hard work of the year’s literal and metaphorical harvest, and to honor and enjoy the fruits of our labor. It is especially the time to be kind to our immune system by aligning with the rhythms of the season: stay warm, have a positive disposition, get plenty of rest, and keep your environment attractive, bright, comfortable and supportive. As a Mother nature rids herself of all the summer’s excesses, it is time for us to unclutter our life of things that we do not love, need, or use. After all, it is the Metal Element’s season of purity and refinement.

The life cycle completes itself in autumn, the season of rebirth. "The energy of the fall is a ‘killing energy’ - sharp retracting and finishing.” (Nei Jing) 

Derived from the earth, Metal is a pure substance generated by process of reduction. Fall is a time for evolution through reduction, a time to prepare for its later re-creation. With fall comes a sense of loss as daylight begins to fade earlier and a chill is in the air. Just as spring was an expansive time of breaking through, so is fall a time for pulling back. The best time of the day for the Metal element is early evening.

Colors: Metal is as pure and sharp as a mountain peak; its colors are white, silver, gold, and pastels.

Personality Archetype: "The Alchemist"

  • Seeker of perfection of form and function;
  • Keeper of standards, principles and moral values, aesthetics and beauty;
  • Master of ceremony and discipline;
  • Immaculate, impeccable, and well organized – a place for everything and everything in its place;
  • Provider of a structure that enables people to succeed and prosper.

WARNING: The Power of metal comes from its capacity to shape and refine. The Alchemist can be formal, distant, unnatural, and obsessed with self-control. It is therefore very important to strike a balance by compensating with passion, spontaneity, and a social environment.

The Element Of Metal And Your Home

The Element of Metal belongs to the western part of the home and represents the full force of Heaven, Children, and Creativity; it also relates to travels. This is the most auspicious place in the home to have a family room, a children's room, or an office. It is a powerful space and represents the connection to the outside world; it is both profoundly reflective and potentially creative.

What is the state of your relationship with your children and of your communication with your clients and mentors? Do you need a burst of inspiration with your creativity? Are you having a fun, active, social life? Are you living the life you love? The ancient Feng Shui wisdom makes it all possible. Create an atmosphere around you that is relaxing and inspiring. How can you achieve it? Comfortable seating, soft lighting, a fireplace, inspiring paintings, artwork, and books will go a long way during the windy autumn days. This is the ideal space for displaying photographs of your children, grandchildren, friends, and just as importantly, pictures from travel magazines of all the places you want to visit; after all, “if you cannot dream it, you cannot have it”.

Decor that supports the Metal Element includes shades of white, silver and gold, metallic objects in bronze, iron, or silver, crystals of the Soil/Earth element, stoneware. Keep the space uncluttered, clean, and well organized, especially your office; and remember: for the Metal Element less is more.

In our next Feng Shui article, we will explore the Water Element, the most mystical of Feng Shui’s elements. Comments, questions? We’d love to hear from you! Email neil@creationsmagazine.com.

Nadia Vee

Nadia Veeis an award-winning designer, certified Feng Shui practitioner, Staging expert, and lecturer on the faculty of the prestigious Metropolitan Institute of Design (Syosset, NY). She teaches a program entitled “Practical Aspects of Feng Shui for Designers”.
office@met-design.com 516-845-4033/516-707-7202 nadiav@gnrdesigns.com. Now in its 27th year, the Metropolitan Institute of Design offers a program dedicated to the ancient wisdom, and has certified hundreds of designers who are successfully applying their knowledge around the world.