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Patricia Bono





I invite you to experience a gentle yet powerful, non-invasive approach that supports the body's natural ability to heal itself on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Achieve a balance between body, mind and spirit. Treat yourself to a sense of clarity, peace and a therapeutic release. These healing modalitites are used according to individual needs. These approaches often support stress reduction and promote relaxation. They can be helpful as part of health maintenance and are healing tools that complement and support other health care regimens, traditional medical treatments and/or personal therapies. Many animals with behavior and/or physical problems respond in a positive manner to these approaches.





Practitioner and TeacherTraditional Usui Reiki MasterKaruna° Reiki MasterPrivate SessionsDistance HealingCertification Classes Offered At All Levels. Shamanic Healing/ CounselingNative American Healing/ CounselingNative American Spirituality/Medicine Wheel Workshops Offered Matters of the SpiritOrdained Interfaith MinisterReligious CeremoniesBlessingsHouse Blessings
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My Story

In one of the later "Godfather" movies, there was a scene where Al Pacino was meeting with a priest in Rome. The "Don" was diabetic and not feeling well and the priest said to him, "Ah, my son, when the mind suffers, the body cries out." For such a violent movie, it was a poignant moment and a powerful illustration of the body, mind, spirit connection.

It is now accepted knowledge that there are four basic aspects to our being; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. When these are working synchronistically one with another, optimum health in these areas is most often the result. However, we live in an increasingly complex world and it is not always possible to remain symptom free in these areas at all times.

I suffered a neck injury as a child that exacerbated over the years. Three weakened discs in my neck eventually "blew". My whole life changed. I had been a vibrant, physically active person who was now bedridden, in great pain and unable to use a good portion of my left side. The surgical consults I had did not give me confidence as to the outcome. Medication helped combined with intensive physical therapy which slowly gave me back a life. Not the one I had previously led, but another life. I had to learn to compensate in many ways. The day I was able to pick up a glass of water with my left hand and drink it was a major triumph. I made progress but there came a point where I was at a plateau. It was that plateau that finally led me to explore alternative therapies. And it was those alternative therapies that helped me regain the use of my body to a point that I thought I never would have been able to achieve again. It is those alternative therapies that I now offer you. The Gift Given - God Touching. The Gift Received - Touching God.