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Raising Kinder Children
by Robyn Spizman – Atlanta, GA

Loving Out Loud by Robyn Spizman

We can all raise kinder children and teach kindness, one child at a time. We give birth to kids and to kindness alike. Together we create the next generation of humankind and humans being kind. Raising kinder children is something all parents would agree is a meaningful goal. When asked what we want for our […]


Who is in Charge? The Illusion of our Choices
by Jill Mattson – Oil City, PA

People ingest sound like you eat food. We don’t just consume with our mouths, but with all of our five senses. We turn into what we tune into. Music is energy, just like food. Before and after you listen to a song, you can look at all of the frequencies in your body and observe […]


Life is a Mirror
by Owen Waters – Texas

Karma, in the popular view, is often perceived as the bogeyman of Eastern philosophy, as the stick that punishes you for doing the wrong thing. In reality it is much simpler than that, and it carries no judgmental overtone at all. Karma is simply reflectance. Reflectance is a property of the universe. Therefore, life reflects […]


What It’s Really For
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

Hot air ballon seen through doorway

I was stunned to see the long line of customers waiting in front of the rental car desk. As I counted 50 people and just a few agents to service them, I realized I would be here for at least an hour. Never again will I rent from this company. As I chatted with Tom, […]


What Death Can Teach Us About Changing the World
by Karen Wyatt MD

& Lessons for Living from the Dying by Karen Wyatt MD

Life has a way of leading us to unexpected places. As for me, back when I was a hospice physician making house calls to care for the dying patients on our service I never dreamed I would one day write a book about that experience. I didn’t know that my own life would be profoundly […]


The Spiritual Side of Sports
by Rupert Sheldrake – London

Downhill skier

Most people do not think of sports as spiritual practices; sports seem supremely secular. Yet in modern secular societies, sports may be one of the most common ways in which people experience the self-transcendence that can come through being in the present. A meditator may find his mind wandering and only occasionally come back into […]


I Found the Secret
by Ruby Walker

two images if heads

If I had to describe how depression made me feel in four words, I’d say unwelcome in my mind. That was the primary sensation. That’s why it was different from just being sad. Day in, day out, I was bullying myself. I was under constant attack. Of course I was tired! Of course I broke […]


The Healing Power of Positive Self-Worth
by Anne Boudreau

lotus flower

While navigating through a sea of research about the human brain, I learned an important fact that altered the trajectory of my life. Having lived with self-doubt for decades, I was determined to change. What I discovered was revelatory: No human being is born with high or low self-worth. To quote Lady Gaga, I’d believed […]


The Quality of Your Sleep Profoundly Affects Your Eating Habits
by Rand McClain, DO

girl sleeping in bed

Most of us accept that eating well and exercising are the two main components of maintaining a healthy weight. But here’s another piece of the equation you may not have considered: sleep. Yup, sleep does more for your body than helping you feel refreshed and ready to face the day. Sleep dramatically alters the way […]


Problems with PCR Testing
by Dr. Pamela A. Popper – Worthington, OH

Food Over Medicine

Over 100 companies are currently producing tests for COVID-19, and these tests were approved by the FDA under emergency authorization with almost no validation. The test makers only had to show that the tests performed well in test tubes and no real-world demonstration of clinical viability was required.1 Each vendor has established its own and […]