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What’s Stopping You from Having Your Voice in the World?
by Andrew Gardella

Open box with stars coming out

You are the only one powerful enough to stop you. So, what is stopping you from expressing yourself fully, from creating everything you desire, and from being you? I’ll give you one guess. Does that mean you are consciously sabotaging yourself? No, not at all, but what we have found is that we all have […]


The Healthiest Sick Person I Know
by Stefanie Sacks- Montauk, NY

What the Fork Are You Eating by Stephanie Sacks

About a decade ago, the head of nephrology at Stony Brook University Medical Center, Dr. Edward Nord, uttered this during my quarterly check up, “You are the healthiest sick person I know.” I laughed. “I’m serious,” he added. “You made a diagnosis nearly impossible because of the way you eat and live.” Beginning in the […]


Believing is Seeing
by Owen K Waters • Texas


Today’s massive, ongoing Shift in consciousness is a shift from intellectual awareness to holistic awareness. Intellectual awareness is a function of the solar plexus chakra, where mental ability is developed in a linear direction. Examples of linear thought include the performing of arithmetic and the operating of machinery. In this mode of consciousness, people have learned […]


When Seekers Become Finders
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

Every morning after we walk our dogs, two of them chase each other around the living room coffee table. It’s quite entertaining to watch these exuberant spirits tease each other, bark, and run around in circles. The little one eggs the larger one on and keeps slightly ahead of him in the chase. Then she […]


Create Your Own Healthcare “System”
by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

Kudos to the folks in D.C. who are advancing alternatives to the Affordable Care Act’s over-regulated and expensive health insurance policies. Small business association health plans and expanding health savings accounts (HSAs) are among several tools to increase health care choices. However, one element in the medical care cost analysis that is rarely addressed is […]


Lessons for Business Success AND Spiritual Enrichment
by Jackie Lapin – California

John E. Fetzer found as much joy in his quest for spiritual enrichment as he did in the wealth he acquired building a financial empire that ultimately put him on Forbes Magazine’s list of 400 richest Americans. And that may be the most valuable lesson that he offers us today. He maintained that these two […]


5G is NG (No Good)!
by Debbie Persampire

Our nation has a new and very serious issue that will compromise our precious health. It is spreading quickly and quietly because few people are aware and no one is speaking up about it. Unfortunately, it has already begun on Long Island. In 2016, the Town of Huntington and the Town of Oyster Bay approved […]


How to Protect Yourself and Your Family
by Devra Davis, Ph.D.


A cell phone is a microwave radio that works on much lower power but at roughly the same wavelength as a microwave oven. More than a dozen countries today restrict the use of cell phones by children and advise precautions regarding their use, including using headsets, speakerphone, and text messaging. Excepting for emergencies, phones should […]


The Sun is NOT Your Enemy, Channeled from The Collective of Guides
by Salena Migeot – Southampton, NY

Each and every one of you are sovereign beings. You do not need to kneel down in our presence. You do not need to use flowery speech to speak to us. You do not need to go to a certain building, or even a certain room. It delights us no end when you connect with […]


Know All Your Abundance
by Dennis Merritt Jones

There is great wisdom in observing the many different ways that you are experiencing abundance in your life. Are you ready to demonstrate your ability to mindfully “go with the tide” and enter the flow of life in new and intentional ways? The following list contains a few action steps you can take today to […]