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How to Deal with Your Relatives During the Holidays
by Alan Cohen, Hawaii

holiday lights

As we plunge into the holiday season, many of us will be spending intensive time with our relatives. If you love your family and they are all easy to be with, way to go! If not, you may find yourself with relatives who are difficult to be with, accompanied by unresolved events, patterns, and histories. How, […]


When You’re Sick, Be a Sick Person
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Girl sick in bed

We all strive to be better and better to live up to an ideal or image of how we should be, or what we want in the moment. When conditions change, and we cannot achieve our goals, we fight what is present. We reject the condition, demand things go our way. Not only do we […]


Dream Your Life and Live it
by Karen Struck, RN – Los Angeles, CA

women embracing sunset

So much has been written about living our lives to the fullest, but what does that really mean?  Mark Twain summarized it succinctly – “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the things you did.” Let’s face it, life is a roller coaster. We all […]


Gifts of Insight from 169 Straight Days (and counting!) of Meditation
by Mina Samuels

This morning I hit 169 days of meditation in a row. That is a big accomplishment for me. My longest meditation streak ever. The day I started this streak, I participated in a meditation workshop and the leader suggested that all we needed to do was notice during our sits. Put another way, all we […]


Happier, Healthier and Younger in Retirement
by Fred Sievert

We all understand and appreciate the need for sound financial planning during the years preceding retirement. Who among us hasn’t gone online to calculate our retirement “nest-egg” needs and then panicked because accumulating that much wealth seemed inconceivable; especially if we started the process at age 55 or later? While it’s critically important to solicit […]


Opioid Industry is Crashing. Are Vaccines Next?
by John Gilmore – Long Beach, NY


Recently, an Oklahoma court fined drug company Johnson & Johnson $572 million for their role in creating the opioid crisis. This is the first state court judgment, with many more certain to come, against a player in the opioid industry. Cleveland County District Judge Thad Balkman wrote the defendants, “engaged in false and misleading marketing […]


How Your Body Changes When You Start Eating Vegetarian
by Rand McClain, D.O. – Santa Monica, CA


People have various reasons for adopting any diet. The Vegetarian diet has various traits and benefits that can satisfy many reasons for adopting the diet. Whatever your reasons, going vegetarian (also referred to as vegan) is likely a welcome change. “Vegan” is typically reserved for strict adherence to eating nothing from animal sources. “Vegetarian” is […]


Life is Not About Predictability by Jeanmarie Wilson – Ronkonkoma, NY

road with autumn leaves

We don’t like change. Yes, we pretend to and profess to “embrace change” or aspire to “create change”, yet in reality, we push it away with every fiber of our being. Gravitating to what is familiar, we find comfort in the expected and the conventional. Although we know the deal and have played out a […]


Unity versus Separation by Owen Waters – Texas


The eternal theme of human history on Earth has been that of good versus evil. We generally define good behavior as that which is unselfish and supportive. Evil, its opposite, is then defined as behavior which is self-serving at the expense of others. Underlying these opposing definitions is a common principle, that of separation. Long […]


Your Attitude Can Change the Life of Your Loved One – and Your Own!
by Helene Berger – West Stockbridge, MA

two heads back to back

Shortly after our fiftieth anniversary, my husband, Ady Berger, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. His response when hearing the three fatal words, “you have Alzheimer’s” was, “I don’t want to live anymore.” During the first year after the diagnosis, he followed the typical path: stubbornness, frustration, irritability, rigidity, annoyance (if not anger) and inappropriate behavior. During […]