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Wearing a Mask, Humor and Grateful Awakening
by Cheryl Melody Baskin

Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams-No Matter What

On my walk yesterday, my eyes caught sight of the buds on the trees. I mean I really saw the buds. Before COVID-19, I didn’t notice Spring until the trees were in full blossom. It took a worldwide virus to force me to fully notice life’s abundance in slow motion. I am IN the season […]


COVID-19 Is a Fact, But Fear Isn’t a Fact
by Dr. Joe Luciani

I know this sounds like emotional sleight of hand, but fear is nothing more than speculation. Not a neutral form of speculation, like anticipating when things will improve, but more of a worrisome anticipation of chaos, like “This virus can’t be stopped!” Of course, in these challenging times, some fear may be unavoidable— this is […]


Self-Compassion in Times of Crisis
by Marianne Ingheim

Out of Love: Finding Your Way Back to Self-Compassion

My inner critic’s favorite time to beat me up is when I’m already stressed. I’m pretty stressed right now with COVID-19, so my inner critic is having a field day: “I am such a mess. I can’t do anything right. I’m just lazy and stupid and getting fat because I can’t go to the gym […]


Bow to Fear or Uplift Each Other With Service?
by Kimberly Faith


I’m sure you’re aware there is a different path to take than what you’re being encouraged to follow. By now, you’re likely finding yourself in a place of confusion, as we all are, unsure about the next steps to take. Listen to the experts. Check sources. Protect your family… but also recognize we are at […]


When Our Distractions Are Gone by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

Here we are in the midst of an enforced sesshin. So many of us cannot leave our place. Our usual routines are disrupted. That which we leaned upon for comfort and a sense of security may now be taken away. From the Zen point of view. This is a time of true practice. So much […]


So, Covid’s Made You a Hot Mess. Now What?
by Judy Gaman – Texas

landcape with sun

During this shelter in place, there is plenty of time to reflect on who we are and the kind of person we want to become. If you suddenly realized that everything in your life sucked before the pandemic, it may be time to make a change. And if covid has caused you to graduate from […]


The Coronavirus: How You Think About It Matters. Try This 3-Step Approach
by Darren J. Gold

Master the Code by Darren J. Gold

When you clicked on this article, did you think: “There’s no way an article can help this situation.” “I’m pretty sure I know what he’ll say.” “If I don’t agree, I’m going to stop reading.” Here’s the thing about beliefs. They massively shape your actions and, therefore, what plays out in your life—even how you […]


This is One Way We Can Help by Frank Morrone – Long Island, NY

person handing mony over

As caring Americans, we naturally want to help during this Coronavirus crisis. How can we each help?  Please consider the following: The Coronavirus crisis has created chaos for our planet and our country. Thousands of people have been infected, and thousands have died. However, there is another devastating consequence to this crisis — the massive number of […]


Honoring Mothers and Ending Slavery
by Will Tuttle, PhD – Healdsburg, CA

Mother sheep with two lambs

A disturbing trend over the past couple of decades is the ongoing proliferation of human trafficking and slavery. It’s well known that de facto slavery conditions exist in a number of industries, such as for children on cocoa plantations in Africa, and carpet, clothing, and electronics factories in India and elsewhere, men on fishing boats […]


Ecological Awareness by Alan Watts (1915–1973)
(from a talk presented in 1971)

Dice spelling economy

The United States Congress passed legislation to make burning the American flag a serious offense. This was accompanied by lots of patriotic speeches and rhetoric and much reciting of poems. It’s the most fantastic example of American confusion between symbol and reality that you could think of because the same Congress is directly or indirectly […]