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Brittle Claims for Bone Broth
by Ocean Robbins – Santa Cruz, CA

Broken Bones

Why is everyone talking about bone broth? Let’s explore this popular food trend and why so many people are jumping on the bandwagon. Find out what the research says about some of the most prominent bone broth benefits and claims. Bone broth has become popular. You may have seen the countless blogs and media outlets […]


Has Tolerance Been Abandoned?
Dennis Linthicum – Oregon State Senator

United States Disease Mortality Rates

The following is a newsletter from Oregon State Senator, Dennis Linthicum. While he is addressing proposed legislation in his home state, these issues and concerns— which affect every person, everywhere—are currently knocking on our own front door. Sen. Linthicum was gracious to share his message with Creations Magazine. The term totalitarian does not refer to […]


Infant Circumcision – A Medical Ritual that Needs to End Now by Jeanice Barcello

image of pregnant women at sunset

Infant circumcision is a heated topic in America, with a growing number of parents now choosing to keep their sons intact.1 Those who have become privy to the harm this elective procedure can cause know that no respectable medical association in the world recommends routine infant circumcision.2 3 4 5 In fact, medical societies in […]


Real Food, Real Men by Kathryn Bari-Petritis – Cold Spring Hills, NY

We live in a time of revolutionary insights about health and nutrition. There are now thousands of scientifically documented articles about the benefits of real food. Real food has the power to change your life. From my twenty-five years as a professional holistic chef and educator, I have seen that eating real, wholesome, fresh food […]


A Traveler, Not a Tourist Be
by Kent Nerburn – Portland, OR

Person reading a map

Wanderlust, the urge for adventure, and the desire to know what is over the next hill are like echoes in the backs of our minds that speak of sounds not quite heard and places not quite seen. You should listen to these echoes. Take the chances and follow the voices that call you to distant […]


Make Exercise More Fun Than Sex
by Jonathan Fields

The science is crystal clear. If we want to live good lives, we need to move our bodies. Nearly every marker of vitality—from reduced risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes to enhanced brain function, elevated mood, better ability to deal with stress, reduced anxiety and depression, and amped cognitive and physical abilities—is made better […]


The Happiness Trap
by Brenda Shoshanna, Ph.d.

Most of us base our lives around the desire for happiness. This is the ultimate craving that rules our days. Our actions are based upon the wish to feel good, not only about ourselves but everything connected our lives. The question we unconsciously ask before we undertake anything is will it bring me success, profit, […]


Five Essential Lifestyle Ingredients That Can Reverse Disease and Add Years to Your Life
by Pankaj Vij, MD

Though many catastrophic emergencies can now be treated with modern medical techniques, millions of people every year are still diagnosed with chronic diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, and stroke. And these diseases seem to be striking people at a younger and younger age. What is the cause of this epidemic? […]