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How Drugs Are Pushed Over Psychotherapy by Michael Etts


Note: numbered references are available on or upon request from In a meta-study (a study that combines the results of many studies), it was found that general psychotherapy was much more effective than antidepressant medications1. Curiously, this evidence is not used in determining NIMH’s (National Institute for Mental Health) spending priorities, as it […]


Problem in a System that Profits from Its Existence by Alex Lubarsky – Cedarhurst, NY

person holding money

The driver of the blue minivan spoke only a few words of English, and with a heavy Italian accent. He pulled up, as I was putting quarters into a parking meter, and was about to go into a nearby office for a meeting. The sharply dressed young man rolled down the passenger window, leaned toward […]


The Most Nutritious, Sustainable Foods on Earth by Doug Evans

seed sprouts

In 1997, researchers at Johns Hopkins University discovered that broccoli sprouts contain astounding levels of cancer-protective chemicals. These chemicals, called isothiocyanates, make broccoli sprouts anywhere from thirty to fifty times more potent than mature broccoli. Since the discovery of the humble seed’s potential, broccoli sprouts have reached superstardom in health-conscious circles, but most people in […]


Homelessness Calls for Solutions, Not Acts of Hate by Rhonda Weiss

No one aspires to homelessness but this is an increasing reality for many in America, with a rate of over half a million people. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless (NCH) this number does not accurately reflect its extent since HUD’s method of calculating missed those that are “couch surfing” or “doubled up.” […]


We Are Made to Be in the Sun
by Eileen Weilbacher – Long Island, NY


Here we are, July, a Beautiful time of year! Please, have NO fear of the sun and it’s many, MANY, Benefits! We must be wise, and take in the Sunshine’s generous rays, while benefitting from vitamin D and it’s Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) enhancement! Please read, exerpted from an interview with Dr. Joseph Mercola […]


Something’s Happened to the Doctor Patient Relationship
by Dr. E. Steven Lenger

Stethoscope and computer

The doctor / patient relationship is one predicated on trust. In any relationship, a certain degree of trust is eroded when one feels that the other isn’t 100% present during a conversation. The doctor / patient relationship is no different and suffers when the inputting of EMR (electronic medical records) seems to take precedence over […]


Green America: “Skip the Slip” Report Finds Only 3 Major Retailers Get “A” Score for Receipt Practices

Rise in Consumption of Paper Receipts: 3/4 of Companies offer BPA and BPS Coated Paper Receipts; Green America Report Highlights Some Improvements. WASHINGTON, D.C.—June 25, 2019—Only three retailers – Best Buy, Apple and Ben & Jerry’s – get top marks in how they deal with electronic and paper receipts, according to a Green America report providing […]


If You Live Truly, You Will See Truly
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

So many of us are searching for truth, the best way to live life. Naturally, there are endless pathways, lectures, discussions and directions available. Some go from one path to the next, seeing which one might fit them the best. It’s common to spend a great deal of time, in some cases a whole life, […]


Can the Vaccination Issue Bring Left and Right Front and Center? How the Body Politic Can Emerge From a “Pharmaceutically Induced Coma”
by Steve Bhaerman

Totally Quips of the Swami An Indispesable Compendium of Cosmic Comic Wisdom Swami Beyondananda

The truth shall UPSET you free. — Swami Beyondananda My cosmic comic cohorts in the Firesign Theatre said it in their 1974 comedy record: Everything You Know Is Wrong. Boy, were they right. And that’s even truer when you are convinced everything you know is right. Take the “anti-vaccination” movement—or rather the anti-anti-vaccination movement. A […]


Our Passionate Love Affair With Life
by Neal Grace


All of us are on a journey of self-discovery—even when we are not consciously involved with this path. We are learning more about who we are every day through a multitude of actions, thoughts and experiences. Life keeps nudging us forward, as if it had a premeditated plan designed just for us. Through our daily […]