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Break the Cycle of Unhappy Money
by Ken Honda – Japan

Happy Money by Ken Honda

Have you ever felt worry about not having enough money; envy of those who have more than you; or guilt, fear, or shame for how you have spent money? If so, chances are you learned these lessons from your family and stories you heard growing up. Maybe you were raised in a household where your […]


Improve Your Relationship in Eight Minutes a Day
by Linda Carroll

Love Skills by Linda Carroll

One of the most common complaints couples have is not having enough time to work on — and enjoy — their relationship. We don’t need to take long vacations or have extravagant nights out to stay connected. Regular walks, simple date nights, and setting aside short moments during each day when we come together and […]


Speaking Smartly and with Intention
by Linda Carroll

couple on bench

If we don’t learn how to address our grievances directly, they will inevitably make themselves known indirectly in more toxic forms. When we aren’t willing to speak up (whether out of fear, self-doubt, or an impulse to please), it’s impossible to heal issues in our relationships. At the same time, it’s unhelpful to blurt out […]


by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

shoes lined up

How do we heal the inner confusion, distraction, and conflict we live with? Usually we run here and there, looking for answers and solutions. In Zen practice the answer is startlingly simple. Not only do we pay radical and loving attention to whatever appears in our lives, we take good care of it. When we […]


The #1 Question to Ask Yourself to Create Relationships That Thrive (and Not Just Survive)
by Lisa Hromada

When I was a twenty-something getting married, I was in bliss. My fiancé and I rarely disagreed. We had similar goals, and for those things that did not exactly align, it was ok because they did not interfere with what we each were doing and trying to accomplish. It felt like a “perfect” relationship. In […]


Breakdowns to Breakthroughs
by Gena Januseski, Charleston, SC

I have been going through a “rough” spot. A relationship breaking up and chronic back pain. ALL AT THE SAME TIME! I can’t say that the back pain wasn’t a symptom of the stress of going through a break-up. I’m a firm believer that emotional pain can manifest physically in your body, usually through the […]


Do Not Look At the Faults of Others
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

man sitting at beach

These days we are all obsessed with the deeds of others. Most of our conversations center around who said what to who? And how others responded. Then we become outraged, frightened and absorbed with blaming and judging others. We dwell upon ways to change them, as if we were in charge of how others should […]


We Are Manifesting a Greater Earth
by Simona Manenti – Quakertown, PA

In response to the requests by so many of my clients and friends asking for ways of how to live happily in these challenging times and stay positive and hopeful, I have learned to trust the knowing and the messages I get through guidance, now more than ever. This has helped me to not rely […]


Guidelines for Effective Communication
by James L. Creighton, PhD

Loving Through Your Differences Building Strong Relationships From Separate Realities by James L. Creighton, PhD

Couples fight. Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Sometimes these fights provide comic relief. At other times they threaten the very survival of the relationship. Psychologist and relationship consultant James Creighton wrote his new book Loving through Your Differences: Building Strong Relationships from Separate Realities to help reduce conflict between couples, especially those that are […]


Where Are You Looking for Love?
by Thomas Capshew, PhD.

pink rose

All of us at some time in our lives have looked for love. We often feel like love in our world is in short supply or difficult to find. Could it be, like the song, that most of us spend most of our lives “looking for love in all the wrong places?” Our culture has […]