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Mike Tedesco Hardly RecognizableHARDLY RECOGNIZABLE
by Mike Tedesco

Having had the pleasure of experiencing this musician perform in person, I looked forward to hearing this EP. I wasn’t disappointed. In fact, his exuberance and musicianship are excellently captured in this recording. Wired, the first cut, brings to mind a young Billy Joel, but man, does Mike have pipes, and a terrific range-y rock tenor, that compliments his laudable piano skills perfectly. Giants continues the rock fest, followed by The Surface, which will bring to mind Freddie Mercury’s soaring, high tenor “balladeering.” He is joined by Kirsten Maxwell on this cut, which leads all too soon to the final cut On & On, another ballad which, like all the other cuts, demands attention. This offering is a great introduction to this excellent performer/singer/ pianist/songwriter. I expect, and hope, we’ll see much more of this artist! He is joined by Justin Goldner (bass, guitars, synths), Jamie Eblen (drums, percussion). Well produced, and thoroughly enjoyable!

Reviewed by Mark Maxwell Abushady



Set the Page on Fire Secrets of Successful Writers by Steve O'KeefeSET THE PAGE ON FIRE
Secrets of Successful Writers
by Steve O’Keefe

Successful writers write, rather than just think about writing, talk about writing, or plan what they’ll write when they get a cabin in the woods. Yet even accomplished writers sometimes get “blocked,” losing access to their in-thezone writing mind. “What matters is whether or not you get across,” explains Steve O’Keefe. The secret to “getting across,” is to write as fast as you can and clean it up later. He offers proven techniques and practices for jumpstarting stalled ideas, honed during his many years of working in virtually every aspect of publishing. His innovative, often unconventional exercises will get you writing and accessing your own unique voice—a voice the world wants to read! Containing a career’s worth of writing and publishing savvy, as well as the advice of expert authors gleaned from hundreds of interviews, Set the Page on Fire is the kind of nuts-andbolts coaching and encouragement invaluable to novice and veteran writers alike.


Adaptogens Herbs for Strength, Stamina and Stress Relief by David Winston

Herbs for Strength, Stamia and Stress Relief
by David Winston & Steven Maimes

Every day our bodies strive to adapt and stay balanced, energized, and healthy, yet chronic stress and the resulting elevation of stress hormones such as cortisol have been shown to be major factors behind not only fatigue and weight gain but also many chronic and degenerative diseases. This updated and expanded edition of the definitive guide to adaptogenic herbs provides a comprehensive look at adaptogens: nontoxic herbs such as ginseng, eleuthero, and ashwagandha that help the body “adapt” to the many influences it encounters and manage the stresses it experiences. They also increase stamina and energy, boost cognitive function, restore the immune system, and counter the effects of aging, especially when used in appropriate combinations.

Beginning with a history of the use of adaptogens, including in Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, and Russian medicine, the book examines how these herbal remedies work and why they are so effective at combating stress-induced illness and ailments. The extensive Materia Medica includes monographs on 25 adaptogens, including eleuthero, ginseng, rhodiola, schisandra, ashwagandha, shatavari, reishi, and holy basil, as well as complementary nervines, restorative tonics, and nootropic herbs, such as milky oats, astragalus, St. John’s wort, and ginkgo. Each monograph presents the latest scientific research and details the origin, traditional and clinical uses, actions, properties, preparation, and dosage for each herb. Adaptogens also includes guidance on adaptogenic remedies for our animal companions.


Chasiong the Sun How the Science of Sunlight Shapes Our Bodies and Minds by Linda GeddesCHASING THE SUN
How the Science of Sunlight Shapes Our Bodies and Minds
by Linda Geddes

Our biology is set up to work in partnership with the sun. Little wonder then that humans have long worshiped and revered our nearest star: life itself arose on earth because its relationship with the sun was a special one, and that relationship still affects us well into the era of electric lighting, indoor workdays, and vitamin D supplements. What are we losing when we sever this ancient biological tie to the sun by spending more and more time inside during the day and surrounded by screens at night? Informed by cutting-edge scientific research and sparkling with memorable characters from the modern druids who worship at Stonehenge each solstice to the Amish farmers who may have the right idea about healthy sleep patterns, Chasing the Sun analyzes all aspects of our relationship to the sun, which continues to shape our bodies and minds in the twenty-first century. The fascinating stories, innovative science, and unique perspectives in this book make it clear that the ancients were right to put the sun at the center of our world, and it is crucial that we remember this bond as we shape our lives today.


THE MINDFUL KITCHEN Vegetarian Cooking to Relate to Nature by Heather ThomasTHE MINDFUL KITCHEN
Vegetarian Cooking to Relate to Nature
by Heather Thomas

Bite-size philosophical notes, meaningful questions, joyful rituals, and an abundant feast of vegetarian recipes are mindfully stirred together in this new-wave cookbook. Offering over 100 seasonal recipes, this beautifully illustrated culinary go-to encourages you to make mindful choices through how and what you eat. Add empowering flavors for well-being— inspiration, curiosity, and awareness, with fresh takes on old favorites, and new dishes to tickle the taste buds, there’s a recipe for every season. Recipes include: Leek and Hazelnut Risotto; Pumpkin Coconut Soup; Preserved Pizza; Zero Waste Veggie Stock; Rhubarb and Lentil Curry; Oatmeal Honey Bread; and Apple Cake Lasagne.


by Monkfish Book Publishing Company
by Stephen Levine

For Stephen Levine, “animal-people” were his greatest teachers. So, at age seventy, he began collecting animal spirit stories from throughout his life—from the green snake who taught him to meditate as a boy to the generous hen whom predators would not harm, and many more. “Animals have a natural mindfulness,” Levine writes. “They know what they are doing. Humans, who are full of confusion and seldom wholly in touch with their mind/body, need encouragement and technique to live in the present.”

The renowned late author’s final literary work is a spiritual memoir, as told through his lifelong encounters with animals and nature. Inspired by the Jataka Tales—hundreds of anecdotes and fables depicting earlier incarnations of the future Buddha, Siddhartha Gautama—Levine collected his own stories of transcendent moments with animals. These memoirs, essays, and poems comprise an openhearted, vulnerable, sometimes apologetic, and often humorous exploration of the mystical importance of animals in the cultivation of meaning and purpose in our lives, and how they can teach us compassion and empathy. As Ajahn Amaro says, “Whether it is forgiveness from a salamander, stillness from a green snake, the acknowledgement of territories by a spider or mindfulness by ravens, over and over, these stories lead us, too, to realize the primacy of kindness as the way for all of us to help each other to arrive at well-being.”


BUDDHISM & VEGANISM Essays Connecting Spiritual Awakening & Animal Liberation Edited by Will Tuttle, PhDBUDDHISM & VEGANISM
Essays Connecting Spiritual Awakening & Animal Liberation
Edited by Will Tuttle, PhD

Many of us are surprised to discover that Buddhist monks, lamas, and teachers often eat the flesh and secretions of animals. What is the underlying relationship between Buddhism and veganism? Can we awaken spiritually and morally while participating in our culture’s ongoing abuse of animals for food and other products? Do the Buddhist teachings require or even explicitly encourage vegan living, or is veganism seen as a personal choice?

As Buddhism continues to spread, and as interest in veganism is burgeoning, these questions are heating up and call for a more thorough investigation. This book is a collection of teachings and stories by people who are committed to both Buddhism and veganism, and who share a variety of insightful perspectives on how spiritual awakening and animal liberation interconnect and reinforce each other. Their inspiring wisdom reveals intriguing keys to a better world for us all.




The advancement of digital technology has dramatically changed the audience for eye health and the longterm associated risk of retinal damage from conditions like macular degeneration. Once thought to be a health issue only for older adults, children may be at risk of higher damage since their eyes absorb more blue light than adults. Twinlab has developed a vegan gummy supplement with clinically studied ingredients for both adults and children called Blutein Gummies, designed to protect eyes of all ages from potentially harmful blue light emitted from device screens. Blutein Gummies use the clinically studied lutein and zeaxanthin isomers, Lutemax2020, sourced from marigold flower extract. In studies, this ingredient has been shown to reduce eye fatigue and strain, in addition to increasing the amount of optical pigment density.


Life Elements

Mend your body and soul with a pain-relieving, mind-unwinding, SUPERPOWER Bath Bomb massage. Life Elements state that their Bath Bombs are for anti-inflammation, relief from chronic pain, and simultaneously provide deep relaxation with nourishing skinsoftening benefits. This all-new vegan line features the superpowers of bark extracts, Tepezcohuite and Quillaja and:

  • Hemp derived Broad-Spectrum CBD with 0.0% THC
  • Soothe sore muscles
  • Relief from stress and anxiety
  • Deep relaxation with nourishing skinsoftening benefits
  • Skincare for acne, eczema, dry skin and psoriasis
  • Free from ANY colorants • No synthetic ingredients
  • Option to choose from 50mg, 100mg or 200mg of CBD strength for the large bath bomb
  • A Mini Bath Bomb 4-pack option with 25mg CBD each—great for soaking feet C R