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A Definition By Any Other Name…
by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

January 31, 2021

“The company you keep defines who you are.” “We are who we associate with.” “Tell me with whom you associate, and I will tell you who you are.” We have heard these sayings for decades. Now, we are sharing them on posters all over social media, which makes me wonder what aspect of our human intellect needs to promulgate the assumption. […]

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Hold Yourself Well – The Great Divide by Toni-Cara Stellitano, LCSW – Commack, NY

January 31, 2021

“Thank you for sharing your thoughts,” has become a genuine reply that both calms me, and also feels true when parsing my way through this cultural great divide. Engagement, can otherwise feel like entrapment/entanglement, if we are not loving and holding ourselves well. Centered. Take responsibility for the way you are showing up in relationship […]


Peace and Happiness
by Owen Waters – Texas

January 31, 2021

Peace resides in the human heart. Inner peace creates outer peace in your relationships and in the effect that you have upon the global consciousness. Peace is a choice. It respects your boundaries and it respects the boundaries of others. When you set your boundaries and stop others from intruding into your space, when you […]