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Change is Good

Listening to the Wisdom of the Natural World
by Nadine Gordon-Taylor

October 1, 2018

Animals of all types have found their way into my life and into my art. They show up at the most interesting times. Have you ever experienced a beautiful butterfly circle around you and land on a nearby flower or perhaps even closer? At a friend’s outdoor wedding ceremony, one landed on the bride’s shoulder, staying […]

man walking in fog
Change is Good

The Fog: A Modern American Allegory
by Thomas Capshew – VA

October 1, 2018

There is a thick fog over the land. The fog lays heavy on the dwellers of the valley, where most of the humans live. The fog affects their breathing. It slows down their bodies. It keeps them from seeing clearly, making the path forward hard to discern and making it easier to lose things. Or […]

chicken crossing the road
Change is Good

Expanding The Circle
by Erica Settino, Huntington, NY

October 1, 2018

 The other day, while out for an afternoon walk with my son, we came upon this beautiful lady looking lost and anxious in the middle of a busy road. All the while, cars were speeding by, honking their horns, or rolling down their windows to get a better view of a chicken crossing the road. […]