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Holiday Spirit

A World Full of Paradoxes
by Sarah Samuel – Brighton, UK

December 1, 2019

Our planet can be a joyful and heartbreaking place all at once. We live in a world of paradoxes, of darkness and light, of pain and joy and of love and hate. Embracing the paradoxes in the world, and in ourselves, is integral to mindfulness. You may not experience any of this first-hand, even if […]

woman playing the flute
Holiday Spirit

The Most Important Thing You Forgot
by Jill Mattson – Oil City, PA

December 1, 2019

In the beginning was a song. The song was absolutely beautiful–like invisible colors painting the sky in a translucent and uplifting way. The song sang to itself. All day and all night. Alas, the song got bored after many repeats of its song-beauty, so it experimented with different tunes. At first there were little variations […]

Holiday Spirit

You Can Prosper Wildly—Without Selling Your Soul
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

December 1, 2019

One of the areas begging sorely for our awakening is the arena of business and money. As advanced as we are in commerce, many of us still subscribe to limiting fear-based ideas and attitudes that keep us from thriving. Over many years coaching and training thousands of clients to forge new paths to success in […]