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Change is Good

Like Falling Through a Cloud: Coping with Forgetfulness, Confusion, and a Dreaded Diagnosis
by Eugenia Zukerman

September 29, 2020

A few years ago my daughters told me they were worried about my forgetfulness, my loss of words, my confusion. They suggested… or rather insisted… I get tested. A flutist, writer, artistic director, busy playing and performing, I simply refused. But when l finally agreed to trek uptown with my younger daughter to a hospital […]

Change is Good

The World Changed Overnight: Now Its Education’s Turn: The Case For Social-Emotional Learning in Schools and How We Get it Done
by Jean Paul Paulynice, MBA

September 29, 2020

With the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, economic uncertainty, the fight for racial equality and a significant disruption to our children’s daily routines, parents and educators have their hands full. From distance learning to basic everyday activities, our kids are coming of age in a new, ever-evolving world, a world significantly different from the one we grew […]

Change is Good

Become a Warrior, Not a Worrier
by Bob Hillary

September 29, 2020

It takes a certain amount of bravery to step out with determination on the path to a simpler life, in tune with yourself and with the Earth. I encourage you all to become warriors for the Earth. By doing so, I guarantee you will learn to let go of all the things that are cluttering […]