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Are You Tired of the Same Old Drama?
Jeanmarie Wilson – Ronkonkoma, NY

path through woods

Have you ever noticed that we repeat the same patterns in our lives over and over again? We say, “ I can’t believe this happened again!” finding ourselves in the same relationship rut, embroiled in the same argument or duplicating the same situation in our career, our friendships or in our relationship to money. The […]


Remembering and Interpreting Dreams
by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. – Hawaii

Dreaming Techniques by Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.

Let’s look at different methods for remembering dreams, from the simple to the serious. First, though, don’t expect to remember all of your dreams, or even all of a particular dream. Part of that has to do with the first method for remembering that I list below, but I also believe that some dreams are […]


Unintended Collateral Damage To Clean Living, And What We Can Do About It
by Jessica ter Haar, PhD

As we focus on avoiding the SARS-CoV-2 virus, our bodies’ exposure to microbes has changed. Clearly, this is the intention, but there are advantages and disadvantages arising from the steps we are taking to protect ourselves. The never-ending attention to the risks of this virus has created a heightened fear of all microbes. We now […]


Religion, Spirituality, and the End of Life
by Dr. Jeff Spiess

Dying with Ease: A Compassionate Guide for Making Wiser End-of-Life Decisions by Jeff Spiess

Humanity has used spirituality and religion for millennia as guides in contemplating questions of the unknown and in navigating the search for purpose. This becomes imminently real for individuals facing serious illness. An overwhelming majority of patients with advanced cancer say that their religion and spirituality help them cope with their illness. The use of […]


How Death Can Be a Key to Happiness
by Karen Wyatt, MD

& Lessons for Living from the Dying by Karen Wyatt MD

What if you thought about death multiple times a day, every day? In Western society you would probably be labeled as depressed, morbid, pessimistic, or neurotic, much like a character from a Woody Allen movie. But in the tiny Himalayan country of Bhutan, which has been named “the happiest country on Earth,” people contemplate death […]


SAVE THE PLANET: DITCH YOUR PHONE Transitioning to a Sustainable Future
by Arthur Firstenberg – Santa Fe, NM

cell phone

If Neil Armstrong had brought a cell phone to the moon in 1969, it would have appeared from earth, at night, to be the brightest object in the universe in the microwave spectrum. In the daytime, the sun would have been brighter, but at night, the cell phone would have outshone every star. There is […]


Glutathione—It’s Not The Fountain Of Youth, But It’s Close!
by Dr. Nayan Patel 

fruit and vegetables

Glutathione is the disease-fighting, age-slowing, energy-enhancing, detoxing, and beautifying antioxidant that you’ve never heard of…or perhaps you have. Each day, the number of individuals who are getting wise to glutathione’s benefits grows. People, search metrics show, have been Googling it like crazy! Even so, aside from scholarly articles (and there are thousands of them—glutathione is […]


Finding Balance With the “Five Flavors” How Your Taste Buds Can Guide You to Better Health
by Conan Milner

Schisandra berry

Think of a well-balanced meal and you’ll probably imagine things like vegetables, protein, and sensible portions. But there is another vital variable: taste. We naturally want food that tastes good, but learning to choose the right flavor, or combination of flavors, can also improve our health. In all ancient systems of medicine, flavor plays a […]


How Seniors Can Cultivate Happiness in the World — Even Now!
by Dr. Thelma Reese

How Seniors are Saving the World: Retirement Activism to the Rescue! by Dr. Thelma Reese and BJ Kittredge

Hope and happiness are in short supply in these stressful times. But there is more inspiration to draw from than meets the eye. This is a period in history, clearly, that calls on the energy and imagination of all generations. We all need to be listening to and interacting with each other in order to improve […]


Every Little Thing …
by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

everything we do well no matter how small adds to the total score

One day during gymnastics practice, I pulled my coach to the side and told her I wanted to quit the team. When she asked for my reason, I said, “Miss Smith, I am the worst person on it! All the other girls are better than me, and I can’t do any of the hard stuff […]