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Recognizing the God-Essence in Everyone
by Annette Cravera Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

Healing: A Conversation A Field Guide To Redemption Annette Cravera Goggio Forward By Dixie Yeterian

Letting go of the prejudices we hold against others who represent beliefs so extremely different from ours is very difficult. It may be one of the most difficult of tasks we are asked to complete in this time as it involves reconciling differences among most of the individuals in our life— even the ones we […]


Connections: Beyond the Holidays
by Milissa Castanza Seymour M.S., C.H

Instead of viewing the time we spend with friends and family as luxuries, we can see that these relationships are among the most powerful determinants of our wellbeing and survival. ~ Dean Ornish During the holidays, what is more important than connection? The holiday season affords us the opportunity to celebrate with loved ones, friends, […]


Guess Who’s Coming to Christmas Dinner
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

Two soldiers from different countriesshaking hands

When I texted my niece Jordin, an attorney who works as a public defender, she told me she was at a softball game. Every month, she explained, the town lawyers get together with the inmates at the local prison, along with the guards, and play softball. I was jarred to hear this, as I usually […]


Honor and Pursue Your Ambitions
by Mitch Horowitz – New York City

Woman looking at an image of a brain

I had never dreamed of wealth or wanted to be surrounded by fancy things. I believe in labor unions, moderately redistributive tax policies, and personal thrift—not gross consumption. But there is something vitally important to earning a good living, and that fact cannot be hidden or ignored. Nor can this: Your mind is a creative […]


The Actual Benefit of Diet Versus Drugs
by Michael Greger, MD

A notepad surrounded by vegetables

Based on a study of more than one hundred thousand Minnesotans, it appears that seven out of ten people may be prescribed at least one prescription drug in any given year. More than half are prescribed two or more drugs, and 20 percent are prescribed five or more medications. All told, physicians dispense about four […]


All Cottons Are Not Created Equal
by Beth Fiteni – Oyster Bay, NY

100% Cotton Towels

“Isn’t all cotton organic?” my aunt asked over Christmas dinner. It took some explaining to get through to her that unfortunately the answer is no. During the course of conversation at our annual holiday family gathering, it came up that the skirt I wore for the occasion was made with organic cotton. Back in the […]


The More Beautiful World We Know is Possible
by Terry Patten – California

Two hands holding the earth

Our times are strange and wondrous—so strange and so wondrous that they far outstrip our comprehension! Even as we are verging on world-changing breakthroughs in science, technology, consciousness, cooperation, and leadership, we’re also verging on catastrophic breakdowns of our planetary ecology, as well as our cultural cohesion, economic and social order, and, of course, our […]


A Heartbeat to Remember
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

Heart with ekg line

While checking out at a grocery store I noticed that a cashier had an unusual tattoo on her forearm. “What is that tattoo?” I asked Ciani. She smiled. “It’s a copy of the EKG of my grandmother’s last heartbeat.” Suddenly the checkout process faded to background. I wanted to hear more. “I loved my grandma […]


Giving the Final Gift: Eleven Ways to Help a Dying Person Let Go
by Patt Lind-Kyle – Nevada City, CA

Person with dove

In our culture, the end of life is seen as a scary and lonely experience. So when a loved one is dying, you may feel afraid, awkward, and unsure of how to comfort them. Here are practical tips for breaking the death taboo and helping your loved one experience the peaceful passing they deserve. We […]


The Cycles of Change:
A Step towards the Unknown
by Simona Manenti – Pennsylvania

trees in the four seasons

I have always had a fascination with leaves and trees. Their varied shapes and the multitude of colors welcome us to venture into the mysteries and magic of creation. Life, as in nature, is full of cyclical patterns. Trees have played a role in our existence since the beginning of time, and are found among […]