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Honoring Mothers and Ending Slavery
by Will Tuttle, PhD – Healdsburg, CA

Mother sheep with two lambs

A disturbing trend over the past couple of decades is the ongoing proliferation of human trafficking and slavery. It’s well known that de facto slavery conditions exist in a number of industries, such as for children on cocoa plantations in Africa, and carpet, clothing, and electronics factories in India and elsewhere, men on fishing boats […]


Ecological Awareness by Alan Watts (1915–1973)
(from a talk presented in 1971)

Dice spelling economy

The United States Congress passed legislation to make burning the American flag a serious offense. This was accompanied by lots of patriotic speeches and rhetoric and much reciting of poems. It’s the most fantastic example of American confusion between symbol and reality that you could think of because the same Congress is directly or indirectly […]


Health Insurance and Affordable Health Care are Oxymorons
by Sunil Pai, MD – Albuquerque, NM

scales containge food on one side and medicine on other

Western or conventional medicine stands above the rest of the world when it comes to acute and emergency care. If you are involved in a car accident, wounded by a gunshot, or experience a heart attack, having access to the scientific wonders of conventional medicine could save your life. For those with life-threatening illnesses that […]


Your Best Immunity to All Viruses
by Alan Cohen – Hawaii

Light shining through trees on dark road

The coronavirus is getting a great deal of attention all around the world. Millions of people are taking extensive precautions to prevent getting or spreading the virus. People are not going to work, and their kids are not going to school. Hand washing, mouth covering, and avoiding public gatherings are becoming commonplace. Some people are […]


Divine Feminine Spirituality
by Mary Hayes Grieco – Minneapolis, MN

Statue of St. Mary with child

In ancient times, God was perceived and worshipped as female, the Divine Mother. Women were valued as leaders and contributors in society because of our close connection to the Creator through our intuition, through our connection with Nature, and through our creative and procreative abilities. Women today, are leading a movement in modern society that […]


Your Gut and Your Gut Feelings
by Margaret Paul, PhD


When people are depressed, psychiatrists frequently don’t know how to help them. Lacking any real understanding of the nature of depression, they turn to a pharmaceutical that (at least for a time) serves as a crutch for lifting their patient’s spirits. The problem is that the chemicals administered mask the problem instead of address the […]


Clear Vision in 2020
by Alan Cohen

Girls hugging

I was standing at the counter of a snack bar at a children’s zoo when a customer became quite nasty with the server. A part of his order had not been delivered correctly, and he made quite a stink. I recoiled, thinking, “What a mean, cruel person!” Minutes later I was passing the deer enclosure, […]


Does Ridiculing Others in Public Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves?
by Donna Martini

I posed this question on Facebook recently and even though it produced a 77-comment thread, no real answer was offered. This makes me wonder how many Americans are aware of the societal backlash of our negative, public dialogue. The truth is we have been engaging in harmful behavior—a detrimental-to-ourhealth harangue—which has been infusing needless stress […]


The Invisible Wounds of War
by Tom Voss and Rebecca Anne Nguyen

After serving in a scout-sniper platoon in Mosul, Tom Voss came home carrying invisible wounds of war—the memory of doing or witnessing things that went against his fundamental beliefs. This was not a physical injury that could heal with medication and time, but a “moral injury” — a wound to the soul that eventually urged […]


Can St. Francis of Assisi Save Our Divided World Today?
by James Twyman


Set aside your computer for a moment and see if you can guess who wrote these words: “I made a mistake. Without doubt, an oppressed multitude had to be liberated, but our method only provoked further oppression and atrocious massacres. What was really needed…were ten Francis of Assisi’s.” I love asking this question and I’m […]