Talking Our Walk
February/March 2019

If you caused it, maybe you can cure it.
– Chris Wark

Welcome to our first edition of 2019 – the February-March, Winter/Relationships Issue.

Simply by virtue of living in this world, we are inexorably and unrelentingly in relationship. We are in relationship with everyone, everything, and every bit of information and energy, conscious of it or not. The greater the clarity we can maintain, the greater the likelihood we’ll be able to successfully navigate conscious, mutually beneficial relationships.

To gain clarity, we must get through the noise. The noise being the endless barrage of low-vibe, questionable-truth nonsense that keeps us distracted; keeps us full but not nourished. Listening to the media pundits and much of the talk on the streets would have one believing that we’re living in the most difficult and challenging times this planet has ever seen. “Never before has it been this bad” seems to be the collective cry of resignation. Truth is, the world has always seemed to be enduring some sort of turmoil. The specifics change, but it is turmoil just the same.

Are We Violent By Nature? Will Tuttle compassionately responds to this on page 9. Throughout the annals of time the world has experienced myriad wars, disasters, upheavals and chaos—both natural and totally unnecessary. Politically, it’s easy to find a group proclaiming any Administration to be “the worst ever.”

Sounds a bit depressing, but hang on. The reality is that we, as a people, have always gotten through the dark days. Are there intense, seemingly impossible challenges in front of us? You bet! But I’m not throwing my hands up and declaring game, set, match.

Chris Wark explains in his piece, You Are Not Powerless, and You Are Not a Victim (p7), that “You aren’t sick because you have cancer; you have cancer because you are sick.” When you accept that your lifestyle choices may have contributed to you developing cancer, you will realize that you can play a part in healing it. Put simply, “If the way you were living resulted in disease, maybe changing the way you live will result in health.”

This same thinking applies to most situations. Our thoughts and behaviors have collectively contributed to the “ills” of the world. If we broke it, WE can fix it. Let’s drop our defeatist mind-set, break free of our victim mentality, and take the necessary actions. A belief is not an idea held by the mind, it is an idea that holds the mind – Elly Roselle

I’m going with A Course in Miracles: “A happy outcome to all things is sure.”

Enjoy a Peaceful & Healthy 2019,

Neil & Andrea