Talking Our Walk
June/July 2019

The June / July Summer Issue is where the men get to shine—the focus being Balanced Masculinity, Fathers, Creative Passion, Prosperity and Abundance. In a bit of irony, we don’t have an “abundance” of page space for this column; however, we do have plenty of articles, poetry, resources and reviews.

Inspired by Alan Cohen, our cover title asks What’s the Best That Can Happen? Being the bastion of inspiration and positivity that CREATIONS MAGAZINE is (insert smile here), we naturally reverse the typically feared “worst-case scenario.” Many are quick to conjure up gloom, doom and disaster. But what if more often, we expect and prepare for the best instead? Alan states “People who act as if success is inevitable succeed more than those who worry about failing.”

Owen K Waters explains How We Are Helping the World. He contends “the power of consciousness at higher levels is vast compared to its power at lower levels.” That said, our greatest service to humanity is to raise our own consciousness. Read this eye-opening article and you’ll understand why we remain hopeful and positive. The numbers of people that just one highly conscious person can counterbalance is absolutely staggering.

Be active and expect the best.

Learn the truth regarding 5G technology and Vaccines:

Peace Always,

Neil & Andrea