Know All Your Abundance
by Dennis Merritt Jones

There is great wisdom in observing the many different ways that you are experiencing abundance in your life. Are you ready to demonstrate your ability to mindfully “go with the tide” and enter the flow of life in new and intentional ways? The following list contains a few action steps you can take today to prime the pump and more fully participate in the flow of give and take.

  1. Remembering that mindfulness is always your point of entry to the present moment, become the silent witness to how the flow is working in your body right now. Is energy flowing freely or is it being restricted?
  • Did you know you take in approximately seventeen thousand breaths a day? Understanding that you are demonstrating an abundance of air, as you breathe in, do so consciously. Visualize the air flowing into your lungs effortlessly and hold that breath for ten seconds, imagining how it is serving your body’s needs. Then release the breath slowly and feel a sense of gratitude rising from within knowing the next breath is coming with ease. Finally, extend your awareness to your muscles. Are tension and knots in your neck, shoulders, back, or legs cutting off circulation? If so, breathe deeply and visualize each breath as it is released, carrying away that stress and tension— again, the law of circulation at work.
  • Next, focus on your heart and visualize your blood circulating abundantly, accepting, utilizing, and releasing what is necessary to sustain your body in perfect health. Did you know that your heart pumps about two thousand gallons of blood through its chambers and beats more than a hundred thousand times a day? Imagine the amazing intelligence within that causes your heart to continually beat and circulate an abundance of blood without you having to tell it to do so.
  • Finally, consider the meal you last ate, which at this very moment is being converted to skin, organs, blood, fingernails, and hair. Be in awe of the wisdom of your body, which knows how to honor the law of circulation by accepting and utilizing that food, and releasing what is no longer needed— nd all without you telling it how to do its job. Smile and know you are not only in the flow, but you are also one with the flow.
  1. Knowing that the physical surroundings in which you live offer valuable insights into your current state of being in the flow (or not), take a walk through your home and, with a discerning eye, notice where the law of circulation is possibly not being honored.
  • Start inside your home. Do your closets need to be decluttered? What message are you sending the Universe about your ability to receive? Then move to your garage. Are things in order there, or are they stacking up in a manner that makes it difficult to feel energy flowing freely through the garage?
  • After going through your closets and garage, remembering the rule of thumb that if you have not used something in the past year you most likely never will, gather everything that fits that description and make a plan to release it all. Take notice of any resistance or fear thoughts that may arise and realize how those very things to which you cling may be causing the sludge that is clogging the pipeline to a greater flow.
  • Remembering that everything is energy in some form, and knowing energy has to move, consider selling or giving away things you are not using so that they may be utilized by someone else. See yourself circulating energy, clearing out the pipeline. Note: Do not put what you don’t sell back in your closest or garage! Donate it to a worthy charity or nonprofit; extend it to others who can fully utilize it.
  • If you really want to experience the exhilaration of fully being in the flow, consider donating some or all the money earned from the sale; give it to any of the many nonprofits that do such good work on behalf of others. If you would like to deepen the experience, consider giving your gift anonymously. There is great power in giving what is ours to give with no need for acknowledgment attached. It means you are totally free and clear in the flow.
  1. Understanding that you are an “energy conduit” and that energy is channeled though your intentions and actions, consider how you are entering the flow by giving the in-tangible part of yourself to others.
  • Prime the pump for being in the flow by offering a smile and a kind word to every person you encounter, whether at work, at home, at a restaurant, or even on the street. That small amount of energy is multiplied abundantly because it also opens you to receive an abundance of the same.
  • Consider inviting the person standing behind you in the grocery line to go ahead of you. Offering kindness through an act of courtesy and goodwill puts you in the flow of abundance in a very subtle and rewarding way.
  • Another meaningful way to enter the flow is through serving others on a volunteer basis. When you give your time to others, you offer them a gift that goes beyond material value. Consider volunteering for a local nonprofit, or sharing your talent and knowledge as a mentor to young people. Being in the flow in this manner affirms to the Universe that you are open, ready, and able to receive abundance in tangible and intangible ways.
  1. Knowing that energy moves through your emotional body as well as your physical body, take time daily to do a mental scan of your emotions and see where you may be impeding the flow.
  • Are you holding any unresolved thoughts or feelings brought on by fear? Because fear projects you into the future (where you have no control), it can create an underlying feeling of powerlessness in the present moment that impedes your ability to access the flow.
  • Likewise, is your mind stuck in the past because it is wrapped around the toxic emotion of resentment? If so, understanding that resentment clogs the flow of abundance in the present moment is essential.
  • In either case, be it fear of the future or resentment of the past, remember that your oneness with the Universe (your source) can be experienced only in the present moment. Whether you need forgiveness or faith, letting go seems to be the message that being in the flow brings to us.

Adapted from The Art of Abundance by Dennis Merritt Jones, copyright (c) 2018. Published by TarcherPerigee, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc.

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