Raising Your Vibration = Raising Your Consciousness
by Andrea Randa Garvey

water drop

The Continuum of Consciousness:
| ———————————————————————— |
Lowest Vibrations                      Highest Vibrations

As we exist on the material plain in a state of duality, at any given moment we will find ourselves as a dot on the “Continuum of Consciousness.” We find that higher vibration thoughts, such as joy, love, and peace, raise our vibration, expanding our consciousness to where we can experience infinite possibilities.

When we are feeling lower vibrations such as depression, sadness, or fear, our perceived choices diminish. We may feel “stuck” and see no way out. We can practice finding and strengthening our “Observer” or “Compassionate Witness” — that part of ourselves that can step back and watch, without judgment. It is a common practice in certain forms of meditation, to simply watch the thoughts go by as if watching clouds moving across the sky. There is no attachment to the clouds. They come and go just as thoughts come and go. Our freedom of choice is engaged as we choose which thoughts we wish to give attention to.

Oftentimes, this “choosing” happens unconsciously. When we focus on a specific thought, we give it energy. Energy flows where consciousness goes. When we give energy to a thought, just like anything else, it expands or strengthens. The more we focus on a thought, the more energy it receives, the stronger the vibration of that thought becomes and it begins to attract like vibration (hence the “Law of Attraction”).

Throughout the day, we basically operate on the default setting of whatever our current “comfortable” vibration is, maintaining our own inner personal status quo. We may have moments when, through inspirational events, our vibration is raised. We feel good, excited, alive and yet perhaps, over time, we find we cannot keep up that higher level of vibration. We may feel it takes too much effort, or is too unfamiliar and so we “self-sabotage” through participating in a lower vibration event.

What is a lower vibration event? Associating and having interactions with people who bring you down, who don’t honor who you truly are, who are unsupportive of your spiritual growth. Violent, cruel, mean-spirited movies and TV shows, gossip, news broadcasts (almost always skewed toward the negative); can quickly lower our vibration/consciousness level, leaving us feeling depressed, sad, fearful, angry, stuck, overwhelmed and most importantly powerless.

Positive higher vibration events empower us, such as being in nature (water in particular can raise our vibration through swimming, sitting by the water, even showering!), sunlight, music—are all very uplifting. Inspiring books, art, radio, TV and movies, positive friends and family who love us for who we are, all provide a supportive atmosphere to strengthen and maintain our higher vibration. Praying with gratitude for having already received your desired vibrational state is also most powerful.

When we make choices that are life affirming, we raise our vibration. As we raise and hold this vibration, we attract like vibration, and through this practice, we will find our lives uplifted and transformed. In turn, we further uplift and transform countless others.

Andrea Garvey, along with her husband, Neil publish Creations Magazine. Andrea has been teaching yoga for 35+ years and is a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Also a singersongwriter, Andrea has just released her first CD, “My Country,” under the name Andrea Randa. andrea@creationsmagazine.com or AndreaRandaMusic@gmail.com.

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