Motherhood is a Sacred Trust by Annette Goggio – Oakhurst, CA

mother and daughter embracing

Every mother makes mistakes. They may be small ones and some that are not so small. I certainly have made my share of mistakes and feel some remorse at times, but in thinking about them, I capitulate because I realize there is no greater responsibility than that of being a mother, whether you become one from a child born to you or given to you by another.

That responsibility holds for a lifetime; it holds when your child is 2, or 14 or 40. You embrace them with your arms, your energy, your essence, because through biology or circumstance, they chose you and you agreed to care for them and to give of yourself in that effort—without end. Your contribution to their life is incalculable. It is huge—just ask anyone who’s ever had one.

Come to think of it, they really aren’t mistakes. I prefer to call them mishaps because they seem to happen when we are not fully in our consciousness. We rely a little too fully on our minds to solve problems, the computer in us, dredging up rules conceived by other minds that draw up social norms or folktales that result in our giving them the wrong medicine, hitting them when they need a nap or sending them out of the house to fend for themselves on the streets.

Instead, we should remember the sacred trust between us—the duty we have to love and support this human being; guide them through life, guide them through their own particular trials that teach them about themselves and an understanding of others unlike and like them. We have a duty to follow them, not drawing on social norms but from our instinct as to what they need at that moment of crisis and delivering it to them in the best way we know how. In other words, let life be the teacher, you, the interpreter and tour guide.

The bond is truly a sacred trust, one that comes from a deep love that they hold when they make the decision to come to us. Not every child is like us in personality or soul age—most likely they will be different from us, to give us the experience of raising a child that we have to stretch to understand. Learning goes both ways.

Not every child is “perfect.” Some will come with a genetic defect that demand from us extra service in the role of Mother. Some will not stay with us very long. They give us the karmic experience of being on the other end of an early death or disability—a circumstance we, perhaps did not have compassion for in an earlier life.

As all experiences are educational, the ones we have as Mother are especially so. We get to live in a degree of intimacy with another human being that surpasses all others, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The experiences we have in our role as Mother registers directly at the soul level, bringing the lesson of compassion and service to others to a new height of awareness.

We are all mothers—or have been or will be in future lives—even all the men we know. The role is necessary for true elevation as a soul. Men don’t stay men through all their lives any more than women stay women. That is the beauty of soul evolvement: we get to be every kind of human being. We get to live every kind of life if we choose to beyond a certain level of maturity as a soul. Motherhood is just one stop along the way. We choose motherhood and they choose us to mother them, and all benefit from the experience of that relationship, whether seen as good or sorrowful. The point is to see the necessity of that sacred relationship and forgive any mistakes or mishaps made along the way.

Annette Cravera GoggioAnnette Goggio, MPH, EEMCP, holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in the health sciences and is the author of Healing: A Conversation. Her practice in energy medicine is based on the teaching of Dixie Yeterian, renowned clairvoyant and healer, and Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine. To learn more please visit:

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