Sound Secrets
by Jill Mattson -Oil City, PA

person peeling back sky to reveal forest with cello

Knowledge is a beautiful thing… until it’s misused to the detriment of others. Powerful knowledge comes with great responsibility. It’s this responsibility that birthed the tradition of hiding and concealing certain information in ancient China, Sumaria, Egypt and Greece.

A wide spread belief held that the great continent of Atlantis sunk due to the misuse of vibratory subtle energy, such as music and magic. You decide what you believe, but I assure you, in the mystery schools there was no doubt of such possibilities. Ancient “Mystery Schools” around the world hoarded subtle energy information, only sharing their wisdom with initiates who demonstrated values, people who believed in the welfare of all.

What was so important that this knowledge was so carefully hid? Ancient people surprisingly understood that everything was comprised of malleable energy…energy that could be changed with sound and other tiny energy sources. When these tiny changes were amassed, physical matter was altered, aka, magic occurred. He who understood subtle energy had great power. How carefully ancient civilizations guarded their secrets of music, magic, art, dance and healing practices. Each one of these endeavors created subtle energy concoctions that could be used to influence and alter the world around them.

Ancient people used extreme methods to keep these secrets hidden. They had good reason to hide it. For example, Hitler sought these ancient secrets in his quest for world domination. Think that Egypt never let a secret slip on how to build a pyramid in 3,000 years. Wow. Ancient China only trusted high-ranking officials to employ musicians (that could alter their world with sound energy). Death was the punishment for leaking Pythagorean secrets. The Sumerians had code words, “for those who have ears to hear,” before talking in riddles, only allowing a few to decipher the code. Egyptian art looks exactly the same during their 3,000 years as a super power, because it was strictly controlled. No one was allowed to introduce innovations in art, music or dance, which was contrary to what was established to be “good”.

In ancient China, music was controlled by the emperor to instill harmony and strength in its people. For example, they controlled the tuning notes from village to village. They carefully tuned each town to the exact same frequency. They believed that a tuning note and its music would be heard, absorbed and radiated by the villagers. Therefore, if the tuning notes of different villages were dissonant, these villages would clash. In another example, Chinese music kept their people “in tune” with the changing seasons, balancing the lack or abundance of frequencies they needed – with the energy of sound. They listened to watery music during the dry season.

Why was music and subtle energy prized? Subtle-energy-practices of music strengthened populations, increased crop growth, instilled a ferocious nature in warriors, lifted huge rocks, rehabilitated criminals and more. Not only music, but energy within food, items of nature and things used in “magic spells”, were all ingredients of a subtle nature, that when combined, had a strong enough reaction to alter matter.

The tradition of controlling music for power continued as time marched on. The early Catholic Church intended to eradicate Pythagoreanism, Platonism, Mithraism, Egyptian Hermeticism, Zoroastrianism, the Hebrew Kabbalah and similar Gnostic teachings. The Cathars of southern France were executed or exiled, forced to roam the countryside as “gypsies.” The Knights Templar, the primary keepers of the Babylonian and Egyptian mysteries, were hunted down and murdered by the Church on Friday the 13th, 1307.

Just as these religions were deemed enemies of the Church, so was their music. The devil was believed to be summoned through music. In 1234, the Catholic law, entitled Liber Extra… banned the musical interval that formed phi (triton) from music. This sound was revered by ancient musicians, because it exists abundantly in nature. What is the impact of listening to the tri-tone or the phi sound? This sound equates to branching, spiraling and scaffolding patterns – found in nature. Perhaps it helps us to grow, develop new ideas and lift our energy towards God. Clairvoyant seers observed that listening to the phi sound created by the musical triton purified, and enlightened one’s aura, resulting in improved well-being.

When ancient musical secrets were suppressed, it was “hidden” in carvings and dimensions in churches. In 2005 Thomas and Stuart Mitchell matched cymatic images found in England’s Rossyln Chapel’s carvings and musical notes. The carvings served as a musical score. The Mitchells performed and recorded the music of the carved cubes, called the Rosslyn Motet. These musical codes were hiding – in plain sight in a chapel – where no one would suspect them to be!

Pope Gregory was a violent enemy of pre- Christian culture and burned all ancient books, which explains in part, why ancient musical techniques were lost. Burning the only available reference materials made understanding the complicated modal system of the Greeks close to impossible. Gregory created a musical modal form similar to the Greeks, but he lacked understanding of how or why Greek music was performed.

The tradition of dictating musical rules continued, but without knowledge of why it was done. For example, mixing modes was considered a sin. King Louis IX gave permission to form an academy of music, but the Parliament of Paris closed it, because musicians ignored ecclesiastical rules and used too many modes. A variety of similar modes were prescriptively used in the Middle East to “cure” people with mental health issues. Now this was outlawed.

In 1550, Luther wrote scathing pamphlets about the Catholic Church in Germany, where many of the Renaissance composers lived. With the ensuing birth of the Protestant Church, the Catholic Church’s iron grip on music weakened, which allowed musical innovations and the resurrection of ancient musical wisdom to run rampart.

Classical composers prized ancient secrets about the power of music. In a few examples, Beethoven’s composition master, Chrisian Neefe, was a known Mason and a member of the secret Illuminati. Beethoven dedicated his piano sonata, Opus 28, to the known grand master, the Priory of Sion, Joseph von Sonnenfels. Beethoven was familiar with ancient ideas regarding the power of music.

Using music to control the masses came to an abrupt halt during the Classical period when the popularity of music dictated what sounds were heard, rather than church officials or government. Rules were now created by mass consensus; the paying audience giving the musician the opportunity to make a living. In this period, after a musical style lost popular favor, the culture transitioned with the rebirth of new music. The musicians daringly created diverse masterpieces without any fear of negative consequences. This music not only changed the world forever, but did so with lightning speed.

It is well documented that sound entrains brainwaves (brain waves mirror sound waves that are nearby), creating specific states of consciousness, and of course music makes us feel good as we dance to a lively beat and feel sad with another song. Clearly sound changes us. At least within the hearing spectrum we have a clue as to the impact of sound vibrations. Vibrations, even those unheard, can intensify our emotions – for better or worse. Our brain waves can be deliberately altered with sounds, with similar result – altering our consciousness. Can we be brainwashed or influenced – without a clue as to what is impacting us? Are their unheard broadcasts dumming us down? Making us compliant? Encouraging us to buy things?

People are impacted by music and sound. Yet, it is deemed as mere entertainment, just frivolous. Not only have we lost the ability to use music and sound for our benefit, but we are clueless that it can harm us.

Sound and music can be used for good – for nutrition, encouraging positive emotions, elevating our consciousness and awareness, and more. Should we be educating people about how we ingest sound? Monitoring unheard vibrations? Warning of their effects? When are we going to take what we listen to seriously?

One method to counter unseen negativity is to be such a strong positive force; the stronger overcomes the weaker. Our harmony can overcome dissonance.

Plotinus of ancient Greece wrote: “Harmonies unheard create the harmonies we hear.” He suggested that subtle, unheard sounds (such as those coming from nature) influence musicians to create beautiful works of art. We are impacted by all kinds of vibrations, without being conscious of their power. It is time to wake up and take control of our vibratory world!

Jill Mattson is a prolific Artist, Musician and Author. Jill is a widely recognized expert and composer in the field of Sound & Color Healing! She has also produced nine musical CDs with intriguing, magical tracks using ancient & modern techniques, and special healing frequencies to achieve profound benefits. Jill is a four – time author. (Crystal Realms CD – Best Sound Healing CD of 2017, Best Overall Music (popular Vote and Industry Leader’s Choice – Gold Awards), The Lost Waves of Time – Best Book of 2016 and Best Alternative Science book of 2016, Deep Wave Body Healing CD– Best Sound Healing CD of 2016, Contacting Angels & Masters CD – Best CD of 2015 and Deep Wave Beauty CD – Best New Age CD – Silver Award). Jill has been featured at hundreds of teleseminars, radios shows and magazines! She offers an online Sound (& Color) Healing School. Jill presents new ways of approaching health and everyday issues using the benefits of sound and color! Free music & School of Sound Healing at

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