by Dr R. Geoffrey Broderick

Sulforaphane (SFN) mitigates inflammation by clearing the Nrf2 Pathway. The Nrf2 Pathway regulates the release of antioxidant proteins that protect us (animals) against oxidative damage (CELL DEATH = rust) triggered by injury and inflammation.

They are natural anti-inflammatory proteins like Glutathione, the master anti-inflammatory in all animals.

It is made in the liver cells of all animals.

SFN, made from LIVE DEHYDRATED BROCCOLI SPROUTS (Cornucopia Vegetable Powder) increases the activity of the Nrf2 pathway, which increases the level of Glutathione content in the body, and restores balance to our immune system.

If the local inflammatory process is not kept in check it can lead to systemic, excessive, out-of-control inflammation, known as the Cytokine Storm can result. This is claimed by many experts to be the leading cause of mortality in COVID19.


We believe in the path of PREVENTION in its purest and natural form.

We have been using it and making it for All God’s Children to deliver SFN to keep the Nrf2 Pathway open.

The way we do it is by growing ORGANIC Broccoli and Radish Sprouts, and dehydrate them without heat. Then we “chew” them with delicate “Coolmilling” and produce a highly concentrated, pure dehydrated, delicious powder of FRESH and RAW Sprouts that contain not only SFN, but Enzymes and Micronutrients that will help the bodies of all creatures, keeping inflammation in check, as it has been done since the beginning of time.

Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick is the most famous veterinarian in the world. Doc,” as he is known all over the world, makes and eats (both with his own hands) the HIGHEST HUMAN-GRADE CERTIFIED ORGANIC, GMO-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free, free-range food for pets on Earth. Cornucopia is the only food for pets thhttat bears the Harm-Free Seal, anywhere! If you and your human-children are AFRAID to eat your pet’s food, then why would you ever give it to your beloved pet-child? Think about it! There is no trade-off to unconditional love.

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