You Never Ask the Meaning of Life When You’re In Love
Falling In Love With All of Life
by Brenda Shoshanna – New York City

lotus flower

Most of us do not see the connection between Zen practice and love. But Zen is the practice of being in love with all of life, becoming one with it, no separation. We look for meaning everywhere, find it briefly and then it leaves. A sense of hollowness arises and this search can continue endlessly.

The search itself leaves us more and more confused, especially during difficult times. Searching outside for what we crave actually takes us away from that which we long for the most. We are moving far away from home.

But when we are in love, we stop asking for the meaning of life, and stop searching for it all over. Our sense of oneness and completion is here. We feel in tune with all of life.

When we are in love not only is there a deep connection with life, we stop judging and rejecting it. Instead a feeling arises of just oneness with ourselves and others.

This fills our life with meaning and is the experience we have been longing for. It makes each moment whole.

Zen is the practice of experiencing this every moment, with whatever appears in our life.

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