FREE Pet Insurance! … to Help Prevent the Root Cause of Sickness and Disease by Dr. R. Geoffrey Broderick

Free Pet Insurance through Prevention is backed up by my 52 years of research in nutrition and medical practice as a veterinary medical doctor and surgeon, revealing that 90% of all veterinary medical bills and expenses are derived from the feeding of commercial “Pet Food.” “Pet Food” is not real food for anyone, and it is forbidden by law to be consumed by humans. If you stop feeding pet food, you will eliminate at least 90% of all your “Vet Bills” due to illness.

How is that possible? Because by NOT using “pet food” you will be eliminating the root cause of disease and sickness which is responsible for 90% of veterinary medical bills.

If you “follow the money,” you will surely realize that most of the 66 billion dollar pet industry in America is motivated by sick-care, not health-care, same as in “human medicine,” leading to enormous profits. Money!

This profit from sick-care is accomplished by lack of true and accurate information (supplied by your health-care professional), supported by misinformation and backed by disingenuous advertising, ranging from the mislabeling of packaging to the vastly deceptive media, to the confusing and depressing lies of Madison Avenue’s greed.

Instead of using their advertising budget to promote their garbage that is forbidden for human consumption, miserable, disease causing and sickening “pet food,” – which has removed 3/4 of the average life span of dogs and cats in the U.S. – the pet food industry could have used it as I do: to buy only human-grade food ingredients. All these ingredients are not only human-grade, but are also organic—guaranteeing our ingredients to be GMO-free, pesticide-free, antibiotic-free, free of any artificial color or flavor—and made in a certified organic factory!

What we at Cornucopia have done for over a half of a century is above organic. Our food is Certified Organic, and every source of ingredients is examined and inspected. Cornucopia has its own inspector that reviews each and every part of the process of preparation and cooking of this food. The micromanagement that goes into making the most perfect food for pets in the world is intense.

Cornucopia is the only known food of any kind of food, human or otherwise, in America to bear the “Harm-free” medallion on every can. Prevention with Cornucopia will save you countless thousands of dollars and triple your pet child’s lifetime.

We supply dogs and cats with our delicious and nutritious food across America and to other countries. We have a clinic and hospital in Huntington, NY, where our office visits last approximately an hour, so we can teach you how to prevent, control and yes, CURE chronic diseases employing natural treatments, education, prevention—and with real food that anyone can eat.

It is impossible to feed a can of my food that I have not eaten myself from every batch that was ever made. It is time to protect the “child” that gives you unconditional LOVE. Pet insurance does not prevent sickness and disease.

Cornucopia has indeed been the alternative to sickness and disease from pet food for over half a century. It is made by me, who is said to be the only doctor out of 3 million doctors in America, that practices any kind of medicine and at the same time, actually makes food.

Ask and you shall receive.

Blessings and Love to You from All God’s Children,


Dr. Broderick and Cornucopia Real Food for Pets:
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631 427-7321, 427-7479
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– A D V E R T O R I A L –

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