PEMF: The Holy Grail For Health!!! by Susan Finley

PEMF stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy. But for me PEMF stands for “People Energizing Maximizing Fun Machine!”

Before I learned about PEMF mats I was managing the symptoms of two autoimmune diseases, lupus and Sjogren’s. I felt I had them under control, but it was a full-time job. I was taking 122 supplements a day, (About 30 pills every 4 hours) and needed 9 hours of sleep per night to function. I had a good 3 hours of energy a day but if I overextended myself past that it would take me two days to recover. My life felt limited, I could no longer do martial arts or lift weights — two things I enjoyed very much before the autoimmune issues struck me down.

Enter PEMF!

Love at first sight! My PEMF Mat looks like something James Bond, himself would have used to get revved up before a mission (It’s really funny now that I say that, because I just learned that the actor Roger Moore who played our hero owns this very mat!) It’s sleek, with optional upgrades like far infrared heat and “Exagon Brain” light & sound Brainwave Entrainment Goggles that enhance focus, creativity, meditation & sleep.

The first 6 weeks I used the mat it brought me great peace, relaxation and an overall sense of wellbeing. But it was what happened after 6 weeks and 1 day that has me wanting to shout out from the roof tops. Eureka, I found it! … PEMF the Holy Grail for Health!!!

What happened that has me so excited you may be asking?

My energy came back … I’m talking completely, absolutely 100 % back to how it was 35 years ago when my sisters nicknamed me the energizer battery bunny and frequently told me I was an annoying bouncing ray of sunshine (Ah sisters, you have to love them).

I can work out again, play with my grand nieces & nephews and dance!

Keeping healthy just got a lot easier!!! It is no longer a full-time job. My supplements dropped from 122 pills per day to 7, I now have fewer food restrictions and I sleep better.

Want to know why this works?

The pulsed magnetic field that this mat produces literally charges your 75 trillion cells, it optimizes cellular energy, boosts immunity, nutrient absorption, & increases circulation so everything you do works better! Big Bonus: It also helps to counteract the effects of EMFS.

(More on that in the next issue)

I am hosting FREE weekly talks on Zoom to discuss the benefits of PEMF Mats and would like to invite all of you who are on a quest for better health to please join me and see why I hail PEMF to be The Holy Grail for Health.


Susan Finley is a Certified Sound Therapist, PEMF Specialist and is the Owner of Acoustic Therapeutix. She hosts FREE weekly PEMF webinars on Zoom, where you can purchase a PEMF Mat (Susan is an independent distributer for Swiss Bionic Solutions) or just hang out, ask questions and learn more. No pushy sales ever! Call / text Susan at 631 988-0613. Email or register online: Susan’s office is located in Babylon at the Zemba

– A D V E R T O R I A L –

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