The Contagion Myth A Review
by Jerry Brown – Santa Fe, NM

The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease, Thomas S. Cowan, MD and Sally Fallon Morell

In this fascinating, fact-filled, groundbreaking book, The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses (including “Coronavirus”) Are Not the Cause of Disease, Thomas S. Cowan, MD and Sally Fallon Morell cover a range of topics around the cause of disease, especially what’s called “contagious disease.”

This book has profound implications for the medical “sickness” industry particularly the current “coronavirus pandemic.” From the invention of the microscope in 1670 allowing researchers to blame disease on bacteria, to the fraudulent research of celebrity scientist, Louis Pasteur (considered the father of germ-theory) in the late 1800’s, to the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918, and to the historical correlation of environmental toxins to disease (including electricity, EMF’s, the current proliferation of the wireless technology of 5G, and biodiesel fuel emissions originating from Roundup (glyphosate) treated sources), they provide fully documented facts about the history of germ-theory and practical understandable examples and explanations of our biological functions in the presence of environmental toxins.

This book is an expose of the modern medical myth – that microorganisms cause disease and that these diseases can be spread from one person to another through coughs, sneezes, kisses and hugs, and how modern vaccine theory developed based on hypothesis, presumptions and even the fraudulent research of Louis Pasteur.

Dr. Cowan explains in plain language that virus is not a living organism, but it is a collection of proteins of DNA and RNA enclosed in a cell membrane, and how virus became a convenient scapegoat for diseases that didn’t fit the bacterial model. He postulates that medicine must put the questions of “what actually causes disease” squarely in the forefront of our thinking in order for humanity to progress.

Part 2 of the book, What Causes Disease, delves into the biology of how the poisons in our water, food and air, as well as the poisons of electro-smog are strong co-factors in the cause of disease. He documents that when respiratory illnesses started appearing in Wuhan, China in November 2019 after about 10,000 5G base stations were installed in that city, rather than finding proof of the cause, authorities relied on “presumptive evidence” that this new type of illness must be caused by a new or modified virus. Meanwhile, illnesses followed 5G installation in all major cities in America, starting with NYC in Fall 2019.

In the Chapter, Testing Scam, Dr. Cowan documents the controversies about the PCR test being used to diagnose “Covid-19.” He references a study by two prominent scientists called “Covid-19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless,” along with quoting the inventor of the PCR technology, Kary Mullis, who insisted time and time again, “PCR tests do not prove causation and cannot diagnose disease.” The CDC and FDA have acknowledged that “The PCR test cannot be used for diagnosis.” Yet, it’s being used to fuel the number of “cases” to sustain public policy of face masks, socialdistancing, lockdowns and quarantines! Why?!?

I found the Chapter, Exosomes to be particularly enlightening as Dr. Cowan reviews the history of microscopes allowing the “discovery” and identification of bacteria, virus and “particles” produced by human cells. He explains that when microscopes allowed scientists to “see” tiny particles at the site of disease they assumed they were harmful and named them viruses, after the Latin word for “toxin.” Dr. Cowan documents that these “particles” are actually “exosomes” and states, “The germ theory is wrong; the virus theory is wrong. Incredible as it seems, we are sitting on a house of cards that has resulted in incalculable harm to humanity. Viruses are not here to kill us; in reality they are exosomes whose role is to provide the detoxification package and the communication system to live a full and healthy existence. A war on virus is a war on life and a war on the forward evolution of humanity. These “viruses” are not invaders but toxin gobbling messengers that our cells produce to help us adjust to environmental assaults, including electro-smog. Exosomes are the scientific basis for challenging the notion of contagion.”

Part 3 of the book includes Chapters Questioning Covid and A Vaccine For Covid-19 (which are worth the time to read the book by themselves). Dr. Cowan states that, “Liability-free vaccine manufacturers means the consumer has no redress no matter how bad the injury; and it means vaccine manufacturers have absolutely no incentive to make a vaccine that is either safe or effective. It’s clear that vaccine is not going to save us – in fact it has the potential of inflicting enormous suffering on the world’s population. And all for an illness that is not contagious!” In Chapter 5G and the Future of Humanity, Dr. Cowan concludes that “Humanity is at a crossroads, and “Covid-19” is the first wave of disease created by the introduction of the new technology of 5G. It is only the tip of the iceberg. It is my hope that out of this event, a new way of life will emerge in a world free of poisoned food, poisoned water, and the poisonous and false germ theory.”

I highly recommend this book for anyone interested in health and well-being and the future of humanity and society. Understanding the history of germ-theory, vaccines and environmental toxins in the role of “disease” helps us understand the foundation of the current standard medical model, and provides us with the information and knowledge to make informed personal medical choices. It is a book that empowers freedom of choice through knowledge and awareness.



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