Can Cell Phones Cause Heart Arrhythmia? by Susan Finley

“You have an electrical problem with your heart, we are going to have stop it and restart it again,” said the young doctor hovering over me, in the ER room (who I could almost swear looked no older than 17).

Fearful it was his first day in the ER, I imagined his earlier conversation before coming back to me — him being asked by the Electro Cardiology Tech Support team “Have you tried shutting her off and turning her back on again?”

Thinking it could not get any worse, “Doc 17” then explained to me that my heart was racing so fast he feared I could have a stroke at any moment. (Thanks doc, great way to calm someone you are worried is going to stroke-out.)

Doc explained he would be injecting a drug into me to slow, and quite possibly stop my heart, but no worries (he pointed to his buddy in the corner, proudly holding up his defibrillator paddles, like a ball player waiving his mitt to let you know he had 3rd base covered). “We are ready to paddle you back if you go into cardiac arrest.”

Before I could protest, Doc & the emergency techs started a countdown 3..2..1, and on “1” they injected my IV line with the heart stopping drug. Within 1 second my heart rhythm dropped from 222 bpm down to 40 bpm; it felt as if a two-ton elephant was sitting on my chest and the weight of his 2 elephant buddies were inside my arms pinning my body to the table.

My heart rate continued to climb so they repeated the process two more times until it slowed to a respectable rate, and then informed me that I needed a “radio frequency ablation” (a procedure where sections of the heart muscle are burned to eliminate the irregular, speeding heart rhythm). That was a far worse experience and a story for another time.

Why am I telling you this?

Because back then I was clueless as to why this happened to me. I had no idea my heart was being affected by wireless devices. It was before I read the studies on the harmful effects of EMFs that emanate from cell phones, computers, smart meters, cordless phones and baby monitors — all things we are led to believe are perfectly safe, when in reality thousands of studies have shown otherwise. Consequently, many people fall mysteriously ill and suffer needlessly because of this.

How can I help?

I like to share what I learn, and I am always learning! Every week I have a free webinar followed by Q&A on EMFs and PEMFs.

PEMFs, are my “Holy Grail for Health”, and have been the antidote to many of my health problems. EMFs have gotten me sick over the years and are my nemesis, so I am always looking for ways to defeat them.

If you are suffering and looking for insight and guidance, I invite you to join my free webinars at

Susan Finley

Susan Finley is a Certified Sound Therapist, PEMF Specialist and is the Owner of Acoustic Therapeutix. She hosts FREE weekly PEMF webinars on Zoom, where you can purchase a PEMF Mat (Susan is an independent distributer for Swiss Bionic Solutions) or just hang out, ask questions and learn more. No pushy sales ever! Call / text Susan at 631 988-0613. Email or register online: Susan’s office is located in Babylon at the Zemba Chiropractic Center on West Main St.

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