Love is …
by Donna Martini – Oyster Bay, NY

Love is food; it’s fuel; it’s energy. It multiplies; it envelops; it seeps. Love is what we need; what we want; what we were created to give away, not keep.

Love is a noun, a verb, an adjective … It is a thought and what we can willfully choose to become our narrative.

It is the emotion our Soul uses to heal us… to open hearts and deepen consciousness. Soul knows Love has the ability to increase human qualities and prepare minds for truth and cognizance.

And because Love has the power to overwhelm all that is less than itself, there is no person or place or thing that does not deserve the chance to feel what our Souls are asking us to give. Always bold but never forceful, understand that Love is its own determinative.

For this reason, we should grant Love the authority to be what it was designed to be… effervescent, sagacious, vivacious, omnipotent, and boundless! Know that giving Love generates more Love, as it increases all that it touches.

We can never share too much, too little, or too late, nor will it ever be wasted. So, freely bestow, without concern, and allow it to flow where it wants to go!

And if the results of this outpouring go unseen, there is no need to worry. Love has no regrets; it is never sorry!

The truth is Love has no power unless it is unfurled, so, no matter on who or what or when or where it goes, know that the Love we share will always enhance our world.

Donna MartiniDonna Martini is an activist, speaker, cartoonist, and author of two books, The Ten Commandments of Divorce and My Mini Book of Mighty Mantras. As an intuitive coach, she helps businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, families, and individuals learn how to tap into their full potential through an energy technique she calls Positive Manipulation®. Her cartoon character, MantraMouse®, uses simple phrases to help people of all ages come to understand their human complexities, innate power, and potential. And with her recent music video release, #OneNationsHeart, Donna hopes to promote more love and unity of spirit in America. She can be reached at

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