When You Do Your Part, We Do Our Part
The Collective of Guides Channeled by Salena Migeot

We know that many of you are moving through vast changes in your life at seemingly warp speed.

We congratulate you on staying in the flow so beautifully and allowing the necessary changes to happen absent of your resistance.

Those of you who resist the inevitable changes that you are all going through on a mass scale, simply make things more difficult for yourselves. We ask you to trust that what flows easily is always in the highest good and that which has you feeling as though you are pounding your head against a brick wall is not in your highest good or it would be easier.

If ease is eluding you, we say with certainty that you are not doing your part to allow things to flow in and out of your life. When you do your part, we will match your efforts to make things happen that are consistent with your own highest good. If you resist your own highest good, we do not assist you. If you keep yourselves small in any way, we will allow you to stay small. The bigger you dream and the more you act to make your dreams happen, the more we can and will assist you.

The Christian faith has a saying: “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” We could not agree more with this saying and we invite you to substitute any word(s) for “Lord” that you are more comfortable or familiar with, for example, God, Goddess, Spirit, Higher Power, Archangels, Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, Guardians, Guardian Angels, Great Mystery, All That Is, Supreme Oneness, Omniscient One, Supreme Being, or anything else that makes sense to you and allows you to know that you are not alone and that divine assistance is yours.

You do not have to ask although when you ask with a genuinely open heart, that pleases us. If you are not sincere and genuine in your request, we would prefer that you didn’t ask at all. It does not make sense to feign anything with us as we know your hearts and minds and we love you powerfully regardless of your choices. We simply want you to know that divine assistance is always given to those who do their part to help themselves and help others. You do not have to ask in any formal way. Simply tune in to who or what you think we are. We are a grand collective of divine beings and everyone reading this message is guided by some of us in some way. If a certain guide, angel, saint, ascended master, goddess, or anyone else comes to mind or heart when you tune in, chances are that being is one of your many guides. We do not limit ourselves to one religious path. We are nondenominational. We are universal beings in service to the greater good of all.

The vast majority of you are currently not able to relate to who or what we are as we exist in a higher dimension. Those of you that can and do communicate with us, we ask you to come out of the closet more to let others know what is possible as far as communication with us. The more people who share that they communicate with us, the more people will realize that it is possible for them to communicate with us. Everyone has the ability to communicate with those of us in higher dimensions. There is no criteria except an open heart. The more open-heartedly you live your life, the more you stay in the flow of All That Is. Beloveds, know we are loving you, in every moment with every breath.



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