Send Me a Hero!
by Susan Finley

Remember what it was like to be 20? You walked with that bounce in your step. You could stay up all night, you worked hard, played hard and still leapt out of bed the next day, consequence free and eager to greet the sunrise.

Ahhh…Remember that?

Fast forward 20-30, maybe 40 years. Things may be a little different. Maybe you still leap out of bed. But that’s only after you realized you hit the snooze button 3 times and are officially late for work. Panic sets in, you need that coffee, and you need it now.

You stumble to the kitchen and grab a cup to get your brain to function and another cup to get your body moving. Oh, and family members, they all know to avoid you till after coffee.

Does that sound like you?

What changed?
Where did that 20-year-old go?
Why are you so tired, and unfocussed?
Who stole your energy and mental clarity?

Your energy stealing culprit is a tricky one. Because you can’t see it, taste it or smell it. It is now known as Electrosmog and it is the most serious of all pollutants out there.

It is bombarding your body with erratic, cell damaging frequencies, non-stop, 24/7.

It’s like someone is putting a jackhammer on each one of your 75 trillion cells, destroying their natural vibration and coherence.

Electrosmog, also known as EMFs are everywhere, radiating from our Wi-Fi devices (cell phones, computers, Bluetooth, etc.) as well as our surrounding environment of cell towers and 5G satellites.

We are losing the natural earth-based frequencies that our bodies so desperately need to survive.

Could that be why you are stressed, have trouble sleeping and have unexplained chronic health conditions? Hell yeah!

What do you need to defend yourself from this exhausting, never-ending assault on your body?

You need … a Hero. Not just any hero You need … Dah Tah Tah Dah … a PEMF Hero!

P as in People
E as in Energy
M as in Maximizing
F as in Fun

People Energizing Maximizing Fun Machine.

Ok, I did make that name up, but seriously, that’s what it does.

In reality it stands for Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields.

The PEMF is produced by copper coils embedded inside a mat that you lie down on. The mat sends earth-based frequencies throughout your body bringing everything back into balance and coherence.

It’s a full body reboot. It has been called the human battery charger. When I first heard about it, I was intrigued but skeptical. At that time, I was suffering from Lupus and Sjogren’s (2 life sucking auto immune diseases). I was willing to try anything, so I purchased a PEMF mat.

I rested on it 8 minutes, twice a day as suggested. After 6 weeks, here’s what happened to me…. My energy skyrocketed. Not just by a little—I went from having 3 wimpy hours of energy a day to 10 kick-ass hours of energy. I could do martial arts, garden, and dance again! My brain fog lifted, my digestion improved, and my creativity soared.

I felt like I was 20 again! (even though I was 56 at the time). PEMF is my Hero. It gave me back my high-energy life, filled with fun, creativity, and movement.

* Super Amazing bonus:

When the entire household uses the mat, it changes the family dynamic. Your family can flip from grumpy, anxious, and annoyed, to happy, calm & attentive.

Imagine what life would be like if you could calm your kids and reboot your spouse?

Are you in need of a Hero?

Schedule a FREE Zoom Consultation Meeting with me, and I’ll get you one in a Flash!

Susan Finley holds degrees in Art Education, Sound Therapy and is a PEMF Specialist (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy). She teaches online classes for Dementia/Alzheimer’s care, PEMF Therapy and Sound Healing. Join her mailing list at Susan’s office is in Babylon at the Zemba Chiropractic Center on West Main Street. 631 412-3065 / 631 988-0613 (Text)

– A D V E R T O R I A L –



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