Transform Distresses Into Blessings
by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis

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Healing means change—changing from one condition to another.

Healing is one of the cornerstones of the spiritual life. At some point, we all need healing in mind, body, or soul. If some facet of your life is troubled, face that situation and heal it. Don’t let troubles linger. The process of transmutation is essential to spiritual growth. You cannot climb the spiritual ladder without the art and science of spiritual healing.

Throughout your evolution, there will always be a need for healing and transmutation. You may not think of yourself as a healer, but if you are walking the spiritual path, healing is a part of that path. So it’s important to learn the skills, both physical and spiritual. This doesn’t mean you need to become a doctor or a professional healer, but it does mean that you need to understand and apply healing principles. The first step is a willingness to change, not just physical conditions but any conditions you are presented with. Forgiveness is key in healing. Far too much precious time has been wasted holding onto grudges, regrets, angers, and hatred. Become adept at the art of forgiveness. It matters not who made the mistake. By genuinely forgiving, you are freeing yourself of the energy that distressed you.

When there are troubles in our life, many people tend to look the other way or hide. We see that part of us as unpleasant and to be avoided, not realizing that while this may be a weak link at the moment, it has the potential to become a strength. Refuse to think that there are problems too great to overcome. There is no part of your life that you cannot transform into a blessed experience.

Excerpted with permission from Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution ©2021, Spiritual Arts Institute.

Barbara Y. Martin, one of the great metaphysical teachers of our time, affectionately known as the “Mozart of metaphysics” because of her numerous spiritual gifts, was one of the first to lecture in-depth on the human energy field and is one of the foremost clairvoyants and metaphysical teachers. She is co-author of a series of award-winning books that include the international bestseller Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, Communing with the Divine, Karma and Reincarnation, The Healing Power of Your Aura, Animals of Love and her newest book Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution.

Dimitri Moraitis, co-founder and co-spiritual director of Spiritual Arts Institute, is an illumined metaphysical teacher, healer and co-author of numerous books as well as co-creator with Barbara of the SAI programs, course curriculums and numerous workshops. With Barbara, he is co-author of the international bestseller Change Your Aura, Change Your Life, Communing with the Divine, Karma and Reincarnation, The Healing Power of Your Aura and their newest book Heaven and Your Spiritual Evolution. He is an eloquent speaker on a wide variety of spiritual topics, has lectured across the country, appeared on numerous radio shows and leads the workshops and training classes offered at the Institute
with Barbara.




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