Light Your Fire Within & Set Your Soul Free!
by LOVE Queen Layla

Punami Productions Podcast

FIRE you ask? What are you talking about? When I speak of this, I smile and remember the song I used to sing as a child, one of the first songs I ever learned and performed on stage holding a candle as a little STAR, called This Little Light of Mine. Originally a gospel song of unknown origin, it is sung around the world, with the simple lyrics and tune resonating with all ages. Many other verses have even been added over the years, including impromptu lines appropriate to the special occasion. You’ve probably heard a version of it somewhere before! In fact, as I was researching the song to write this, I only just found out that it would later be sung during the 1950s and 1960s as Civil Rights leaders marched in peaceful protests, demonstrating their willingness to let their light for freedom and justice shine and thereby bring about change for the good of all.

As I learned of this, it became clear to me that this song is an inspiration and reminder for us all. For them, the song and the light represented FREEDOM and justice. Here I am talking about the LIGHT within you. That is your FIRE. And when you LIGHT it you FEEL the POWER already inside of you start to come ALIVE!

Your being, your ESSENCE is the root of who you are, and your FIRE is all about your sexuality, your pleasure, the flower nymph within you roaming FREE as can be in the gardens of Venus experiencing EMPYREAN on earth. When you OWN your sexuality, fully explore, understand and embrace the part of you you may have hidden away, you reclaim self-love and empowerment, stand in personal truth and freedom, and gain access to greater health and happiness. CHANGE is the only constant, and only YOU have the POWER to change your life.

The secret is… YOU already hold the ability to light your own fire within and set your soul free. It emerges and SHINES with self-approval, self-love and self-confidence, so STAND UP for your right to PLEASURE, enjoy LIFE and feel FREE to be who you are!

Stand up for your personal autonomy, your physical, verbal and emotional boundaries, use open and honest communication, learning to listen and speak from your heart while opening your soul, mind, and body to LOVE. Speak up and SMILE about what makes your fire RISE and raise your vibration by speaking your TRUTH. FREEDOM is a state of being, and FREE is a state of mind. And so I say, BE YOU. BE FREE. BE HAPPY!

From fear, pain & suffering, to re-discovering self-love and empowerment through the healing arts of BDSM and lived experience transforming minds as a Professional Dominatrix for 8 years & 20 years as an international educator of Mandarin & ESL (English as a Second Language). Championing sexual health & wellness, LOVE Queen Layla is a living role model using past trauma from young adulthood to vivify her present personally transforming taboos around sex, darkness and transformation through the elevating wings of LOVE in personal coaching, workshops, performances & the free and accessible Punani Productions sexuality podcast. WWW.4LSOLUTIONS.COM

– A D V E R T O R I A L –


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