Myofascial Release: The Pain Reducing Therapy You Have Been Looking For

Now that we are into a new year, how about a healthier you? Let’s get rid of those aches and pains. You have tried the medications, the supplements, and the surgeries with little to no improvement. You just want to FEEL GOOD. The time is now for you to improve your physical health, which will ultimately improve all aspects of your life.

Inflammation, traumatic damage from injury, and scarring from surgical procedures create myofascial restrictions in the body that can produce physically debilitating and unwanted tension pressures of approximately one ton per square inch on nerve fibers. These abnormalities do not show up on many of today’s most accurate medical body scans like MRI’s.

The typical pain management approach is to medicate patients so they temporarily block the feeling of pain. Drugs marginally manage a patient’s symptoms, but do nothing about the physical flaws that are causing the pain. Additionally, like pain medication, traditional physical, occupational, and massage therapies treat mostly the symptoms and not the etiology of the myofascial restrictions, thus allowing the pain to persist and sometimes even worsen. This is why so many patients have only temporary results from “regular” physical therapy and never seem to completely heal. Only Myofascial Release (MFR) treats the entire myofascial mind/body complex, eliminating the pressure and tension of the restricted myofascial system that causes the symptom of pain.

So what exactly is myofascial release? Fascia is a strong, stretchy, web-like material made up of different proteins in the body, primarily collagen. It weaves its way around and through muscles, bones, tendons, blood vessels, organs, nerves and cells. It runs throughout the entire body and permeates your entire physical being. It not only separates structures, but also binds them together which allows it to be both supportive and to allow normal structural movement.

When our body is injured or recovering from surgery, an unwanted restriction in our fascia can develop, along with abnormal movement patterns resulting in a tightening and limiting restriction to occur in the fascia, obstructing normal movement and causing pain. These debilitating myofascial dysfunctions are often the cause of chronic pain long after their injury is deemed “fixed” and no typical healthcare professionals have answers for why. Myofascial release alleviates these unwanted, debilitating forces on our pain-sensitive body structures such as nerves, internal organs and muscles, thereby reducing and even eliminating acute and chronic pain and restoring normal fascial movement. We utilize the hands-on application of myofascial release. The sustained holds utilized in MFR facilitate a stretch into the restricted connective tissues, restoring movement, reducing pain and helping to bring the body back to a more natural alignment or posture.

Myofascial release is NOT a massage, and requires specialized skill and expertise to be an effective corrective treatment for patients. Cheryl “Cheri” Christie, a licensed and certified physical therapist and athletic trainer, has over 25 years of expertise at properly, effectively, and most importantly safely helping her patients in gently releasing the entire myofascial complex for lasting and comprehensive results. This authentic healing will result in the reduction or elimination of your physical pain.

Typically, a MFR therapist applies the gentle sustained hold for a period of 3-5 minutes over the restricted tissues, allowing for a release. The underlying tissue will soften and lengthen under the therapist’s hands. The outcome is reduced pressure on pain sensitive tissues, restoration of movement and improved flexibility. MFR also aids in healing, post workout recovery and enhanced physical performance. Several sessions may be required to achieve lasting improvements.

Recent studies are beginning to provide evidence that myofascial release may even be effective in treating the body-wide muscular and joint pain people experience with “long-haul” Covid or “post-Covid syndrome”. MFR is an option for non-invasive therapy to decrease pain, and reestablish function as patients recover from the long-term effects of post-Covid syndrome. (Integrative Journal of Medical Sciences 2021, Vol 8, 339 DOI: 10.15342/ijms.2021.339).

Cheryl Christie and her entire staff at ELITE Strength & Performance are committed to bringing you state of the art myofascial release therapies and physical wellbeing programs. The facility provides clients with the most sanitary environmental disinfection protocols available. So, whether you are recovering from injury or are someone that engages in extreme sports, myofascial release may be the answer you have been looking for to improve wellness and support superior physical performance. The New Year is definitely the time for an improved you. Contact Cheri today, and see all of the ways that MFR can help you get started! We are located at 250 Executive Drive – Suite X, Edgewood, NY 11717, in the beautiful Heartland Business Center. For more info how myofascial release can make your life better and more productive, visitœ


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