There is a LIFE WITHIN the Life We Live … and yet could it be we are blind to it???
by Dr. Georgeann Dau

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We are sailing on this ship on the waters of life. Along the way we come upon an iceberg; we can see the surface of it as it is seemingly floating atop the waters and yet we have no idea of the depths that lurk beneath the sea.

We, it has been said, only live 10% consciously, thus we journey through life seeing only 10% of who we are. Like the iceberg, we are only aware of the tip of the life that is waiting to be reborn. We see the surface at the top of the iceberg not the other 90% of its depths beneath the sea of life.

We each have a shadow side that follows us around looking for recognition and a voice. It is our unconscious, the small mind of the ego that we developed in the first stages of our pre-talking development — before 5 years of age. During this time, what we saw, how we were made to feel, and the environment we lived in, became our perceptions, our view of the self and our view of life — THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE!

But there are distortions in there of which we are totally unconscious. Where we are unaware of those parts of ourselves that got locked away, these distortions can be recreated in our contemporary lives.

What we saw growing up has a profound influence on our relationships or perhaps lack of, the way we treat one another, including our self and our views of those different from ourselves. These early experiences can all become a part of ourselves that we live out of — even if it is not our truest nature.

We have all experienced hurt in the early stages of our upbringing (no blame to anyone or anything); our resistance and defenses that affect our happiness and wellbeing are born out of such buried hurts. They are banging on the door of the basement looking to get out, for attention, for a voice, for healing! If we do not discover what they want us to know — these buried feelings and hurts create our unconscious behaviors, and actions — reacting to the outside world instead of realizing that we have a choice of how we want to act and who we want to be.

Does anything come to mind for you? Where might you have reacted to a person, place, or thing in your life creating trouble, or even embarrassment?


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Dr. Georgeann DauDr. Georgeann Dau
Psychoanalyst /
Certified Spiritual Director



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