Another Leap Forward in Dental Healing: Precision Dentistry
by Dr. Jeffrey Etess, DMD, NMD, IBDM – Williston Park, NY

Ensuring the health and longevity of your natural teeth should always remain the primary goal for both patients and dentists alike. Unfortunately, there are instances where dental wear and tear progresses to a point where dentistry is necessary to recondition the tooth to its original state. Thus, selecting the right dentist is paramount. Dental excellence hinges on precision care.

Precision dentists serve as the architects of meticulous dental design and flawless execution, playing an indispensable role in a world where accuracy is paramount for discerning patients. These skilled dental professionals navigate the intricate realm where science meets artistry, crafting dental prosthetics with unparalleled exactitude. Precision dentistry seamlessly integrates theoretical knowledge with practical expertise, utilizing cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated techniques to achieve perfection. Whether sculpting intricate anatomy into a dental “filling” or surgically placing a dental implant, their precision ensures the reliable health of the work for many years to come.

Dental precision care extends far beyond mere craftsmanship; these professionals are the guardians of quality, pushing the boundaries of innovation while upholding the highest standards of dental excellence. In a healthcare landscape shaped by discount insurance-focused care, the role of precision dentists remains crucial for dental health, laying the foundation for progress and advancement in the field of dentistry. Dr. Jeffrey Etess has been a pioneering figure in precision dental care in Manhattan and Long Island. Amidst the proliferation of “corporate dental centers,” it is vital to exercise caution. While many of these dentists may possess commendable qualifications, their tenure is often brief at these clinics, and their work is often rushed, putting profit before precision. With Dr. Jeff, you can trust in his enduring commitment to addressing all your dental needs, ensuring peace of mind and lasting satisfaction.

Let’s examine the dental crown as a prime example of the critical role precision dentistry plays: Dental treatment varies significantly, and it’s essential to recognize the distinctions. From the meticulous yet conservative preparation of the natural tooth to the precise dental impression, followed by the creation of a physical or digital replica, every step demands exacting precision. This includes crafting the ideal crown design, selecting the finest dental lab materials, and meticulously fabricating the crown with micron-level accuracy. The process extends to precise color matching, thorough disinfection, and proper bonding to ensure a lifetime of quality, pain-free service. While the intricacies are numerous, each element contributes to the overall success. At Integrative Dental Specialists, under the leadership of Dr. Etess, excellence is not just a goal but a standard. Dr. Etess’s unmatched expertise, honed over more than 26 years of practice and Ivy League education, fosters an environment where impeccable dental craftsmanship, precision and passion converge without compromise.

Dr. Etess challenges prevailing misconceptions, illustrating that many dental issues commonly deemed “impossible” to treat can indeed be addressed successfully. Integrative Dental Specialists offers personalized, top-tier comprehensive dental care, encompassing a wide array of concerns such as root canal infections, bone cavitations, dental cavities, periodontal gum problems, and single to full arch dental implants. The team at Integrative Dental Specialists is dismayed by the sight of patients succumbing to fear and misinformation, resulting in avoidable damage to their teeth. Contrary to widespread beliefs, the majority of teeth can be preserved. Integrative Dental Specialists is committed to dispelling misconceptions and empowering patients to make informed decisions about their oral health, ensuring they receive unparalleled precision care of the highest standard.

To ensure our patients’ safety, we employ advanced UV air filtration and rigorous surface disinfection protocols. For the finest, safest, healthiest and most reliable solutions for your dental concerns, call Integrative Dental Specialists and schedule an appointment with Dr. Etess today.





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