This Gift Has Your Number On It
by Rev. Sue Frederick

Through a Divine Lens

You still have something important to do, even if you can’t see it right now. Even when you feel lost and pointless, without direction, floating in grief, that great thing still lives inside of you, deep down.

When the time is right and the world is ready and you’ve learned what you needed to learn, your great gift will come pouring out of you like an Arkansas spring flood, like a hurricane downpour, unstoppable and urgent. It will save every heart, crack the world wide open, pour light into darkness, open minds, heal souls, and change lives—especially yours. It’s the gift you agreed to bring into this lifetime. Nobody else brought it, only you.

You signed up for this one. You orchestrated the precise childhood that would allow you to birth this gift. You designed the perfect pain to wake you up and break your heart wide open and turn everything you’ve learned into soaring wisdom that sings in just this key, this chord that nobody else can strike, that nobody else can possibly deliver, that nobody else is capable of sharing in your exact way.

This gift has your number on it and no one else’s. It fits perfectly into the puzzle slot that’s waiting, empty now. Not until every empty slot of this puzzle is filled can we change this world, light it up with consciousness, and shift it over into bliss. When everyone brings their unique piece to the table, we all win. And right now, everyone is wondering exactly where your piece is and when you’ll bring it to the puzzle, because your gift is the tipping point, the one we’ve all been waiting for, and it will change everything.

So you’ve been laid off …

Maybe you’ve been laid off or fired, or you didn’t get that new job. You feel like the wind’s been knocked out of you—it’s a punch to the gut. The job and career you’ve steadily built for years has now been taken away.

When you first hear the news, you’ll notice a brief moment of calm because your ego mind is momentarily stunned into silence. This gap allows you to hear your Higher Self whispering,

Everything is okay. Something better is waiting. This is all in divine order for your highest good.

Your soul’s wisdom speaks up the moment your ego mind receives a swift blow and is temporarily stunned into silence. We sometimes think of this as being in a state of shock. We feel numb and the mind goes quiet. But very soon, within minutes, the ego mind fires up and responds, I don’t deserve this! I’ll never find another good job. How dare they! I’ll lose my home!

Your ego mind thus launches its battle of survival exactly as it was designed to. This is the mind you agreed to have when you took a physical body for this incarnation. Yet it’s only half of your mind.

The other half of your mind holds the doorway to your Higher Self, the seat of your divine intuition and your true essence. In brief gaps when the ego is silenced, you can hear your Higher Self speaking the truth. Grab hold of that deep inner voice. It’s the wisdom of your soul. Listen to it before the ego mind overpowers it with fear. Shortly after you get bad news of any kind, the ego mind shifts into full-blown desperation. That brief, silent gap before ego steps in is your golden opportunity for salvation.

Unrestrained, the ego mind can push you to the edge of sanity. During crisis, your sanity will depend on how well you’ve learned to quiet the mind through meditation or other forms of spiritual practice. When you indulge fear, you allow it to grow stronger until it becomes your boss. If you haven’t developed the mental discipline of quieting fear thoughts, ego will reign supreme over your Higher Self. It will provoke you to defend yourself at all costs and trust no one. This ego-based attitude will destroy your happiness, future success, and relationships— until you recognize that fear does not serve your highest good.

Everything changes the moment you listen to your soul’s wisdom. It’s a simple request: “Please show me my soul’s lesson in this crisis and help me move through it with love and courage.” That simple request calls wisdom to your side, fills you with light, opens your heart, quiets your mind, and will lead to an enlightening new perspective on the situation. You’ll feel empowered from within. Your inner victim will settle down.

Your soul created this moment to allow you to step up to your wisdom, awaken into love, and embrace spirituality. You’re not being punished. You’re not a victim. You’ve done nothing wrong. It’s simply a reinvention point designed for your highest good. By embracing the lesson of the job loss, you’ll discover a new career that brings you to a greater level of meaningful work and abundance.

You’re not a victim of the economy, your manager, or corrupt politicians. You’re a divine being who created this moment to shake up old patterns and free yourself to become who you came here to be. You’ve been stuck for too long, and this is your wake-up call.

You didn’t come here to live in fear, to be hidden or unimportant. You came to be grand and fearless, bold and awake, and infused with wisdom. When you activate your divine lens, this is who you are.

Your ego, nurtured by teachers, priests, ministers, and well-meaning loved ones, is your “should” self. It says, This is who you should be in order to please others. This is what I should do to be practical and survive. Your Higher Self whispers, This is what I know to be true about my gifts and who I came here to be. It will take courage to follow this path, but it feels right.

Your ego self and your divine Higher Self are often in direct opposition, pulling you in conflicting directions. Your “should” voice is a truth-slayer; it’s a defeater of wisdom and confidence. You can hush it with a prayer in the night or a heartfelt request for divine intervention.

Everything shifts as soon as you say, I will not live in fear. When fear arises, I’ll reach for love instead. I’ll find courage within my heart.

Excerpted with permission from Through a Divine Lens

Sue FrederickSue Frederick is a lifelong intuitive, an ordained Unity minister, a certified past-life and between-lives soul regression therapist, a certified creative arts therapist, a career intuitive coach, grief intuitive coach, and master numerologist. She’s the author of Bridges to Heaven: True Stories of Loved Ones on the Other Side; I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love, and I See Your Dream Job: A Career Intuitive Shows You How to Discover What You Were Put on Earth to Do, and the memoir Water Oak: The Happiness of Longing.


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