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How to Attract Quality Relationships
by Sandra Anne Taylor • Westlake, OH

So what’s the secret to finding quality love? Believe it or not, the answer is in modern science and it’s all about energy – your energy! Quantum physics shows that everything and everybody projects real energetic frequencies that move out from us into the Universe. Each one of us is like a little radio station, broadcasting subtle but very real signals about ourselves. And it is this process that is actually the source of your relationship destiny. People who have the same kind of energy that we do will be the ones who "tune into" us and be drawn into our lives, for better or for worse!

This is true for all types of relationships and experiences, but it is especially true for romance. Love is a river of vibrations that moves through the Universe and through every heart in it. In fact, there are nearly 80 million singles in America alone, all of them hoping to connect in some way or another.
But if you are like most people, you are looking for more than just a mere connection, more than a temporary fling. What most of us want is a quality relationship, a person who will be supportive and caring, not just for a night, but for a lifetime. No matter what you have been through in the past, this kind of love is absolutely achievable. But it must first be achieved within.

Your relationship destiny depends on your own energy, so you have to first look to yourself to see what kind of energies you are broadcasting. Are the signals you are sending to yourself the kind you want to receive from another? If not, they must be changed!

The Laws of Attraction are strict. You cannot send out waves of negative energy, and expect to attract only the positive treatment in return. Your treatment from others comes directly from your treatment of yourself. For example, if you are constantly criticizing yourself, it is very likely that you will magnetize a man who is willing to criticize you also. Is that what you really want in your life?
The biggest source of "stuff" that we send out can be found in our thoughts and beliefs. This is actually very liberating because, while we may not be able to do much about our looks, we always have the option to change the way we think. For this reason, it will be very important to start to become aware of the types of thoughts and beliefs that you engage in every day.

Write some of your thoughts down. Make sure you are honest with yourself. Do you support and encourage yourself? If you do not, don’t expect a partner to do so! Do you really accept yourself and believe that you are valuable? If not, why should anyone else?

The single most important factor in the energy you broadcast to the world can be found in your self-talk. There is no room for self- judgment in the mind of someone who is looking for a true quality love. If you want to attract a partner that is loving and respectful in the way he treats you, you must first create that energy in the way you treat yourself. If you want someone who is always there for you, you must first make the choice to be always there for yourself.

Therefore, investigate your beliefs and thought patterns thoroughly. It is well worth it because it will not only change the love you attract, it will affect all the consequences of your life. Do you tend to worry and fret about all sorts of things? If so, you will not only attract a fearful partner, but even more situations in your life of which to be afraid. Are you passive and submissive? Then you will either attract a wimp of a partner or one who is aggressive and overbearing and who seeks to gain his power through you!

For another to find you valuable, you must look into the mirror and see your own value there. No matter what you may see on the surface, you are a valuable and valid person, one who can bring joy to another if you begin to see the joy in yourself. In fact, this is the highest, most attractive frequency you can project to the world, an appreciation of yourself and your life, and optimism about your future.

Whatever you do, never get desperate over finding love. Desperation is a sure-fire energy killer. It will either push people away, or draw only desperate people to you. If that happens, the joy that you are seeking in the relationship will only turn to misery. Be patient and work on a strong, positive perception of yourself. Trust in your ability to create happiness for yourself, and then choose to do it everyday! This turns your desperation into determination, that works for you, not against you.

Remember that old definition of insanity: To do the same old things in the same old ways and still expect different results. If you seem to have suffered the same types of relationship problems over and over again, you need to take action within yourself. You need to look at the ways that you negate and dismiss yourself. Intervene at every opportunity, and make a conscious effort to create acceptance and respect for the valuable person you really are.

It is never too late to attract a great love, and never too late to make all your relationships better. Take responsibility for yourself and your life. Create a life full of happiness, and your own happy energy will attract more in return. You deserve a quality love, and it will appear as if by magic when you finally choose to bring quality love to yourself!
©2005, Sandra Anne Taylor.

Sandra Anne Taylor has been a counselor in private practice for 25 years, and authored the book Secrets of Attraction. She also co-founded Starbringer Associates, a speaker and consultant agency that produces and distributes audio and video materials promoting energetic approaches to healing on all levels. Her in-depth, 9 CD audio seminar, Act to Attract, is the first comprehensive program applying quantum physics to the romantic relationship. Visit: www.starbringerassociates.com or call 440-871-5448.